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Early Pre War Engagements - for WOI - ver. 1.1

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Early Pre War Engagements - for WOI - ver. 1.1

Early Pre War Engagements - ver. 1.1


During 1962 the IAF got its new Mirage IIIC – Shahak fighters.

On 14 July 1966, the first shooting down of an enemy Mig by Mirage was recorded.

Since than, few sporadic air engagements between the IAF and Arab states air

forces occurred. On April 7 1967, Six Mig-21s were downed by Israeli Mirages. A warm-up towards the 6-days war to come…


In this campaign you can fly Israeli, Egyptian or Syrian aircrafts.



This is an incomplete campaign, because the flyable airplanes are not included.



In order to play this campaign you must download them from combatace site.


Update 1.1 - Syrian Mig-17F bug was fixed






1. Wings over Israel patched to oct 2008.


2. Latest weapon pack for WOI


3. Required Aircrafts:


Mystere IVA

Super Mystere B2

MiG-17 cockpit

MiG-17F cockpit

MiG-19S cockpit







To install:


1. Install the required files listed above.


2. Unrar early engagements to a separate temporary folder.


3. Copy the folder \Campaigns\woiEarly from the temporary folder into your


\Wings Over Israel\Campaigns folder.



That’s all



For suggestions or comments just send me a massage.







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