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This list has been in the Knowledge Base for some time, and I thought in light of the instrest in WW2 era aircraft, vehicles, ships, and whatnot, that it should also be listed here, therby making it easier to find.







**start here first, for most things!!**




*note: may still be rebuilding their database after the hack of 8/09*


Geo's Eastern Aircraft Div, SF Page:



Major Lee's Aerodrome:

-off line-


Wrench's Toolbox:



Dev A-Team:

DAT Index/Forum & Files Policy Statement

*note: DAT items are 'member-ware'. You'll need to sign up for them. Follow the link above for more information




This list ONLY covers Post WW 1 aircraft. The dates are listed at the beginning of each section.


Also included are several of the "What If..." SWOTL2/SWOTP aircraft from both Allied and Axis side, and several post-war mods of existing aircraft. Several 'country specific mods' created from existing US aircraft for Allied usage are shown as well. Where sub-variants exist, created as 'stand alone' mods, they are listed as well.


The use of the question mark (?) indicates aircraft seen at one time as WIPs, but that have not materalized.


US Aircraft 1919 to 1947 :


Keystone Series Bombers-

Martin B-10 - WIP

Douglas B-18 Bolo-

Boeing B-17D - WIP by DAT

Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress - Released

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress - Released

Consolidated B-24D Liberatror - Released

Consolidated B-24J Liberator - Released

North American B-25B Mitchell - Released

North American B-25H Mitchell - Released

North American B-25J Mitchell - Released

Martin B-26 Maruder - ? (once seen as a WIP)

Boeing B-29 Superfortress - Released

Northrup B-35 Flying Wing (Prop)- Released

Convair B-36 Peacemaker- Released

Boeing B-29B Superfortress - Released

Boeing B-50 Superfortress -



Boeing PW-9 - WIP

Boeing FB-2 -

Boeing FB-5 -

Boeing FB-7

Curtis F8C Falcon -

Curtis FC -

Curtis F7C Seahawk-

Curtis BFC2 Goshawk - Released

Curtis P-1 Hawk

Curtis P-6 Hawk - WIP

Boeing P-12-

Boeing F4B-

Vought VE-7-

Brewster F2A Buffalo - Released

Curtiss-Wright CW-21-

Gruman FF-1 Fifi -

Grumman F2F -

Grmann F3F - ? (once seen as a WIP)

Curtis F9C Sparrowhawk -

Boeing P-26 Peashooter - Released

Seversky P-35 - Released

Curtis P-36 Mohawk - Released

Curtis P-40B/C/E - Released (B in Wolf's Pak, E by DAT)

Bell Aircraft P-39 Airacobra - Released

Bell Aircraft P-400 Airacorba - Released (mod of P-39, export version)

Lockheed P-38E/F/H/J/L Lighting - Released

Republic P-43 Lancer - Released

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt - Released (Wolf's; both Razorback and Bubble top)

Republic P-47N Thunderbolt - Released (by russoUK)

Grumman F4F-3 (mod of -4) - Released

Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat - Released

Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat - Released

Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat - Released (mod of -3)

Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat Nightfigher - Released (mod of -3)

Grumman F8F Bearcat - Released

Grumman F7F Tigercat - Released (Hellcat/Bearcat/Tigercat by Geo)

Vought F4U-1/-1C/-1D Corsair - Released

Vought F4U-2 Nightfigher - Released (mod of -1C)

Vought F4U-4 - relased, mod of either Wolf's or TMF. note: TMF HAS a -4

Vought AU-1 - released

Goodyear F2G Super Corsair-

North American P-51A/B/C/D Mustang - Released

North American P-86A - Released (both a 'stand in' version and an actual one)

Bell Aircraft P-59 Airacomet -

Bell Aircraft P-63 Kingcobra -

North American P-82 Twin Mustang - Released

Lockheed P-80A Shooting Star - Released (mod of P-80C)

Northrup P-61 Black Widow - Released (A & B models)

Douglas P-70 Havoc - Released

Cutiss P-55 Ascender - Released

Northrup P-56 Black Bullet - Released

Republic P-72 SuperThunderbolt (?) - WIP

McDonnell FH-1 Phantom - Released (late Beta, DAT)


Attack aircraft:

Douglas DT -

Vought SBU Corsair -

Curtis SBC Helldiver -

Curtis A-12 Shrike - WIP

Douglas A-20A Havoc - Released (mod of A-20C; 2 variants-standard bomber and early war strafer conversion)

Douglas A-20C Havoc - Released

Douglas A-20G Havoc - Released

Douglas A-20J Havoc - WIP

Martin Maryland -

Vought SB2U Vindicator - (horrible 'stand in' available by some crazy guy <grin>)

Douglas TBD Devastor - Released a Beta version (DAT)

Northrup BT-1 -

Douglas SBD Dauntless - Released (-5 late war variant available too)

Doutlas A-24 Banshee - Released (USAAF, mod of SBD)

Douglas BT2D Dauntless II - Released

Douglas A-26 Invader - Released

North American A-36 Apache - Released {mod of P-51A}

Grumman AF Guardian -

Martin AM-1 Mauler -

Grumman TBF Avenger - Released

General Motors TBM Avenger - Released

Curtis SB2C Helldiver -



Martin PBM Mariner -

Consolidated PBY Catalina - Released

Consolidated PB2Y Corondo -

Consolidated PB4Y-1 Liberator - Released (mod of B-24J)

Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

Lockheed Hudson - Released

Lockheed PV-1 Ventura -

Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon -

Lockheed P2H Neptune - Released, also another is WIP by Blackfly

OS2U Kingfisher -

SOC Seagull -

Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper -

Grumman JRF-1 Goose -

Grumman J2F Duck -

Stinson L-13 -

North American AT-6/SNJ - Released


RAF/RN/Commonwealth Aircraft from 1920 to 1947:

Fighters and Fighter Bombers:

Westland Wyvern - Released

Fairey Firefly - Released as a beta

Armstrong Whitworth Siskin-

Bristol Bulldog - WIP

Fairey Flycatcher-

Fairey Fox -

Gloster Gamecock-

Gloster Gauntlet - Release (FE only)

Hawker Woodcock-

Blackburn Roc-

Bolton-Paul Defiant - WIP

Bristol Beaufighter - Released (MANY variants!)

Bristol Blenheim 1F - Released

Gloster Gladiator -

Hawker Fury - WIP

Hawker Nimrod -

Hawker Hurricane - Released (many varainats)

Hawker Sea Hurricane - Released

Supermarine Spitfire - Released (many variants)

Westland Whirlwind - Released

Blackburn Firebrand -

de Havilland Hornet -

de Havilland Vampire - Released (several variants)

de Havilland Venom - Released

Fairey Fulmar -

Gloster Meteor - Released (many variants)

Grumman Martlet - Released (mod of F4F-3)

Grumman Tarpon (TBM-3) - Released

Hawker Sea Fury - Released

Hawker Tempest - Released

Hawker Tornado -

Hawker Typhoon - Released

Supermarine Seafire - Released

Hawker Osprey - WIP

Vought Corsair Mk.II/IV - Released (mod of F4U-1)

NAA Mustang I/IA (P-51A mod) - Released

NAA Mustang III (w and w/o Malcom Hood) - Released

CAC Boomerang Mk I - Released

Supermarine FloatFire - Released (Beta+)



Blackburn Baffin - Released

Avro Aldershot -

Blackburn Ripon - WIP (mod of Baffin?)

Fairey Gordon-

Handley Page Hinaidi-

Hawker Hart -

Vickers Vildebeest -

Vickers Virginia -

Westland Wapiti -

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley -

Avro Manchester -

Fairey Swordfish - WIP

Blackburn Skua -

Blackburn Shark -

Bristol Blenheim Mk.1 - Released

Douglas Boston Mk.III - Released

Douglas Boston Mk. IV -WIP

Bristol Beaufort - Released

Fairey Albacore - WIP (DAT)

Fairey Battle - Released

Handley Page Halifax - Released

Handley Page Hampden -

Handley Page Heyford -

Martin Baltimore -

Short Stirling - Released

Vickers Wellington - Released

Fairey Hendon -

Hawker Hind -

Vickers Wellesley -

Avro Lancaster - Released

Avro Lincoln - Released (in DATs 'Wings Over Timor' mod)

De Havilland Mosquito - Released (several variants)

Fairey Barracuda -

CAC Wirraway Mk I - Released



Short Singapore -

Short Sunderland - WIP

Supermarine Walrus -

Supermarine Sea Otter -

Avro Anson -


French Aircraft 1919 to 1947:

Breguet 19 -

Bloch MB.150 -

Blériot S.510 -

Caudron C.714 -

Curtiss Hawk H-75A - Released (mod of P-36)

Dewoitine D.510 -

Dewoitine D.520 - Released

Douglas DB-7A - Released (mod of A-20C)

Morane-Saulnier M.S.406 - once seen as a WIP

Nieuport Ni-52 -

Potez 630 - released

Amiot 120 -

Bloch MB.170 -

Bloch MB.131 -

Amiot 143 -

Amiot 354 -

Bloch MB.200-

Bloch MB.210 - Released (in DATs "Spanish Civil War Mod")

Breguet 693

Farman F.222 -

Lioré et Olivier LeO 451 -


Soviet/Russian Aircraft from 1919 to 1947:


Grigorovich I-2

Tupolev I-4

Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Goudkov LaGG-1

Polikarpov R-Z - Released

Polikarpov I-15 - Released

Polikarpov I-16 - Released

Polikarpov I-5

Polikarpov I-153 - Released

Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Goudkov LaGG-3

Lavochkin La-5 - WIP by DAT

Lavochkin La-7 - Released

Lavochkin La-11 - Released

Lavochkin La-9

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-1

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3 - Released

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9 - Released

Yakovlev Yak-1

Yakovlev Yak-3 - Released

Yakovlev Yak-9 - Released

Yakovlev Yak-15 - Released

Yakovlev Yak-17 -

Su-9 (1947) - Released (mod of Me-262)


Attack and Bomber:

Ilyushin Il-2 - Released

Ilyushin Il-10 -

Sukhoi Su-2-

Tupolev TB-1

Ilyushin DB-3

Ilyushin Il-4

Petlyakov Pe-2 - Released

Tupolev SB - Released

Tupolev TB-3

Petlyakov Pe-8

Tupolev Tu-4 - Released

Yakovlev Yak-4


Other Allied Aircraft from 1919 to 1947:

PZL P.11c

Curtiss Hawk 75A KLU/NEI - Released (mod of P-36)

Fokker D XXI - Released

Brewsert B-339D (KLU/NEI Buffalo) - Released


Luftwaffe Aircraft 1919 to 1947:

Fighters and Fighter Bombers:

Arado Ar-64

Arado Ar-65

Arado Ar-67

Arado Ar-234B NJ - Released

Arado Ar-296 - Released ("What If..." mod of B6N Jill for KM usage)

Heinkel He-51 - WIP

Heinkel He-100 -

Messerschmitt Bf-109B - Released

Messerschmitt Bf-109D -

Messerschmitt Bf-109E-3 - Released

Messerschmitt Bf-109E-7 Trop - Released (but not full trop, as it lacks the dust filter)

Messerschmitt Bf-109F4 - Released

Messerschmitt Bf-109G6 - Released (mod of 109F)

Messerschmitt Bf-109G10 - Released

Messerschmitt Bf-109G10 'Wilde Sau' - Released (mod of 190G10)

Messerschmitt Bf-190T2 - WIP (mod of 109E, KM carrier based, has wrong wing shape/lack spoilers)

Messerschmitt Bf-109T10 - Released (KM carrier based 'what if' mod of 109G10)

Messerschmitt Bf-110 - Released (several variants)

Focke-Wulf Fw-190A - Released

Focke-Wulf Fw-190AT - Released (KM carrier based 'what if mod of 190A)

Focke-Wulf Fw-190A8/R2 'Wilde Sau' - Released (mod of 190A)

Focke-Wulf Fw-190A8/R8 'Strumbok' - Released (mod of 190A)

Focke-Wulf Fw-190F - Released (mod of 190A)

Focke-Wulf Fw-190D - Released

Focke-Wulf Fw-500 'Kugelblitz' Flying Disc - Released ('what if' SWOTL mod of AvroCar)

Dornier Do-335 - Released

Dornier Do-335B - Released

Focke-Wulf Ta-152 - Released

Focke-Wulf Ta-154 - WIP

Heinkel He-162 - Released

Heinkel He-219 - Released

Messerschmitt Me-163 - Released

Messerschmitt Me-262 - Released

Messerschmitt Me-262B NJ - Released

Messerschmitt Me-262A2U4 - Released

Messerschmitt Me-410 series - Released (several variants)

Ta-183A - Released

FW P.II - Released

Ho 229 - Released (newer updated production model)

Hs P.75 - Released


Attack, Bomber, Recon & Transport Aircraft

Arado Ar-95 - WIP

Arado Ar-196 - Released

Dornier Do-17 - Released

Heinkel He-111 - Released

Heinkel He-59 -

Heinkel He-115 -

Heinkel He-50 -

Junkers Ju-52 - Released (transport/bomber versions)

Junkers Ju-86 -

Junkers Ju-87B - Released (pasko)

Junkers Ju-87D - Released? (DAT)

Junkers Ju-87G-1 - Released

Junkers Ju-87T - Released (carrier based 'What If' version, mod of standard Stuka)

Junkers Ju-88 - Released (several variants)

Arado Ar-234B - Released

Arado Ar-234C - Released

Dornier Do-217 -

Heinkel He-177 - WIP

Junkers Ju-188 - Released

Junkers Ju-290 -

Focke-Wulf Fw-200 - Released

Henschel Hs-129 - Released

Henschel Hs-123 -

EF-132 - Released

Ta-183B Jabo - Released


Italian Aircraft 1919 to 1945:

Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 - Released

Savoia-Marchetti SM.81-

Fiat BR.20 - Released

Fiat CR.32 - Released (in DATs "Spainish Civil War Mod")

Fiat CR.42 - Released

Fiat G.50 -

Fiat G.55 - Released

Macchi MC.200 - Released

Macchi MC.202 - Released

Macchi MC.205 - Released

Piaggio P.108 - Released

Panelli CR.41 - Released ("faux" plane by hinchbrook)

Reggiane Re.2000 - Released

Reggiane Re.2001 Ariete - Released

Reggiane Re.2002 - Released


Japanese Empire Aircraft from 1919 to 1945:

Nakajima A4N-

Mitsubishi A5M Claude - Released

Kawasaki Ki-10 Perry-

Nakajima Ki-27 Nate - Released

Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar - Released (Note: there are 2 versions! AD & Wolf257)

Nakajima Ki-43I Oscar - Released (mod of Wolf's Ki-43)

Nakajima Ki-43IIb Oscar - Released (mod of Wolf's Ki-43)

Kawasaki Ki-45A Nick - Released

Kawasaki Ki-45C Nick - Released

Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero - Released

Mitsubishi A6M5 Zeke - Released

Mitsubishi A6M7 Zeke -Released (mod of A6M5)

Nakajima J1N Irving-

Mitsubishi J2M Jack -

Nakajima Ki-44 Tojo - Released

Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony - Released (also, several variants)

Nakajima Ki-84 Frank - Released

Kawasaki Ki-100 Tony - Released

Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Baka- WIP

Mitsubishi B5M Kate 61

Nakajima B5N Kate - Released

Aichi D1A-

Aichi D3A Val - Released

Mitsubishi G4M Betty - Released (2 variants)

Kawasaki Ki-32 Mary -

Nakajima B6N Jill - Released

Aichi B7A Grace -

Yokosuka D4Y Judy - Released

Nakajima G8N Rita - stand in (C-130 mod)

Mitsubishi Ki-67 Peggy

Yokosuka P1Y Frances

Kawanishi N1K1 Rex - Released

Kawanishi N1K2-J George - Released

Kawanishi H6K Mavis -

Kawanishi H8K Emily -

Mitsubishi F1M Pete -

Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dianh - Released

Nakajima C6N Myrt -

Kawasaki Ki-48 Lily - Released

Kawasaki Ki-57 Topsy - Released

J8M Shusui - Released (mod of Me-163)

Ki-201 Karyu - Released (mod of Me-262)

Aichi E13A Jake - Released (stand in, based on DATs Ar-196)

Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe - Released (2 variants, early & late skinned)

Mitsubishi Ki-109 ('what if' production version, IJAAF Bf-109E-4) - WIP


Other Axis & Partner Aircraft from 1939 to 1945:

Curtiss Hawk 75A Vichy French - Released (mod of P-36)

Douglas DB-7 (mod of A-20C)

I.A.R 80A - Released

Avia S-99 - Released (placeholder mod of Bf-109G10)

Avia S-92 - Released (mod of Me-262)





kevin stein

Edited by Wrench

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Ground Objects, The List:


All vehicles and objects listed below are usable in either SF/SFG, WoV, WoE ,WoI 'ie the "TOS" or Classic series, and the SF2 series "NextGens".


It should be noted, the stock vehicle from all version are NOT listed, as they already exist in every version of the game. This includes mods of them (reskins and ini edits) to "backdate" or create similiar looking vehicles.


Remember: this list is NOT fully up-to-date! It's suggested you browse the Ground Object Mods downlods section!!





1920s - 1950s:


90mm AA gun [by Wolf]



75/18 Semovente {Italian Tanks by Dev A-Team}

SOUMA S35 (French tank)

Type 95 Japanese tank

Type 96 Tank

Type 97 Chi-ha IJA tank

Japanese Infantry (early)

Japanese Infantry (late)

Japanese Type 96 25MM AA

Japanese Type 88 75MM AA

Dihatsu IJN Landing Barges (3 types)

US Marines Squad

M4 Sherman {early}

M4AE8 Sherman (late) -both these by Geo

M-36 Jackson TD

M-8 Grayhound Armored Car

M-3 GMC Half-Trak TD [by Geo]

M-16 Quad .50 USA half-trak

M-24 Chaffee {by AD - released through Geo}

M-3 Grant

M-3 Lee

M-7 Priest SPG (Dev A-Team)

M-41 tank

37mm AT gun

US Infantry Squad (early)

40mm Bofers AAA [by Kesselbrut]



Sdkfz.251 Flak




Tiger II


PZKW III Aus L (by Kesselbrut)*

*=reworked versions released 5/19/06 by Kesselbrut

King Tiger [by Geo]

Sdkfz251 Flak

20mm Flak {German}

Opel 'Blitz' trucks -open and closed top

88mm Flak 36

20mm Flakvierling [all by Kesselbrut]

37mm Flak gun

German -Wermacht- Infantry squad

JagdTiger (by russoUK)

Su-100 Tank

T-34/76 Model 1940 (by Dev A-Team)


Daimler armored car (hidden in some terrians -reskin of BRDM)

Crusader II tank

Comet A34 tank

Centurion V [Desert skin] by Phlerp

Centurion V [Euro-green] skin by Kesselbrut

3.7in AA gun unit (2 types - standalone and emplaced)

British Infantry squad

Aussie Infantry squad

US 90mm AAA gun (mod of Pasko's KS-19 by The Wrench)





M-42 Duster

BL 4.5in Artillery gun

Chevy 'woody' station wagon, 1940 (by ??

Fort, w/ 6" naval gun

Pillbox, MG (both modded into working GOs from static terrain objects by Wrench)

SCR-270 search radar (mod of stock ???somethingoranother???)

vz.35 Czech Light Tank

'Artillery and GroundObject Pak'

Pzkpfw 35(t) tank (all 3 above by MontyCZ

ZIS truck (by???)


*Note: RebelRyder has releases several M4 Sherman variants. Please check the CA downloads section.*



Fletcher DD (by Grinch)

Jaccard DE

Benham DD

Cavalier (aka C class DE)

Brooklyn CA

CV-5 Yorktown/Enterprise CV

CV-9 Essex (WW2/Korea era straight deck)

Liberty Ship

Belfast CA

Illustrious CV

Irrestable (HMS Eagle?) CV

Formidable CV

Victorious CV

MAC (merchant aircraft carrier)

Submarine (generic)

Sub Chaser

Type VIIC U-Boat

Repulse class CA

Oklahoma class BB

Tennessee class BB

Iron Duke class Dreadnaught

Kriegmarine DD

Kriegsmarine Flak DD (static object)

IJN Destroyer (mod of KM DD above)

MTB (generic PT boat)

CVE Gambier Bay Class (mod of hinch's MAC

CVL Princton Class (mod of hinch's IJN Zuhio)

Foch (French CL)

Cavour BB

Cesare BB (Italian BBs)

Oiler (generic tanker by Fubar512)



Fuso BB

Ise BB

Nagato BB

KM Graf Zeppelin CV (mod of Irrestable/Eagle into stand-in version)

"Enterprise6" (one time terrain object, now modded into working carrier)

Tribal DD (mod of hinch's Daring DD into passable stand-in)

"USNCargoShip" (mod of stock 3W unit)

Fishing Boat aka small trawler (by cocas)

Small Cargo Ship

Fishing Trawler

LCM (these 3 by kesselbrut, imported from Flaklands mod)


*Please note, many of the WW2-era ships are Dev A-Team releases. You'll need to register with them to obtain access to their downloads section*




Camonet/tent {Pasko?}

Radio tower (various terrain installs)

The Factory Place by Mitch (re-released by Wrench)

DBS Objects, Snow camo's, etc [by many talented people!]

"Factory Place Fix" - For Desert Map, English translations [by Wrench]

"Factory Fix, SEA" - includes Englishized translations [by Wrench]

Various stock vehicle ini-tweeks (adding guns/MGs to stock vehicles, changing tasking to "TANK") {by Wrench}

Train Station (Gepard?) - see below

Generic Radar Facility (grampotomus)

Factory Building Pak (wingwinner)

Generic Hangars Pak (CA_Stary)

small pier w/attached small boats (by cocas)



-WW2 Structures (in EAW2 & PAW2 sets)


Ball Bearing Factory

Submarine pens

Train Staion

Train Engine

Train Flatcar

Train Fuelcar

Train Siding


Train cars (wagons?)

V-1 Launch units (includes various parts)

Parked Allied & Axis aircraft (in terrain packages)


*Note: not mentioned is Polak's CFS2 Converted WW2 Buildings and Objects Pak. Many have appeared in various terrain mods*


== Terrains/Maps ==

WW2 Maps: all by Edward, except where noted


Battle of Britan (by Gepard)


Libya (mod by Wrench of USAFMTL's Modern Libya)






New Guinea2




WW Midway Islands (by Gepard)

WW2 Mariana Islands

WW2 Hawaii (both by The Wrench)


NOTE: there are surely some map mods I'm missing, so PM me and I'll updated the listing.


=Terrain WIPS:

Malaysia (by baltika)



Kevin Stein




= Editing Older Ground Objects To Add Them, Post-Patch3 (2004) =


After the latest round of patching for SF & WoV, there is a new format for ALL ground objects. The old standard of editing the GROUNDOBJECTDATA.INI in no longer necessary, as that entire file has been replaced with a new, simpler structure. This format is now also native to Wings Over Europe and Wings Over Isreal, and the SF2 series.


You must open the main ini, NOT the objects data.ini, and add the following to the top



ObjectFullName= object's full name, as you want it shown in game

ObjectDataFile= name of object's data file, or data ini





ObjectFullName=M48A1 Chaparral (OD)



One can also just look at an existing stock vehicle, to see how it's shown, and use that format

Edited by Wrench

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Weapons Pak:


Another thing I forgot to mention!


Avaliable here, albeit at the 06 patch level, is a WW2 Weapons Pak.




There might be a few items missing, and some that are out of the general year range I was shooting for (pun intended!), but it covers approximately 1930-1955.


Gundata ini and gundata dat are included.


It's also easily updated to 08 and SF2 levels, for use in a stand alone SF2 WW2 style install. Follow the instrucions for the SF2 Weapons and Gun editor to update them



kevin stein

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