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Sukhoi Su-15TM Flagon-F v2.02 For SF2

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Sukhoi Su-15TM Flagon-F v2.02 For SF2

Sukhoi Su-15TM Flagon-F v2.02 For SF2


by Boopidoo and team



The Sukhoi Su-15 was developed primarily because of the Soviet Unions great need for a capable high-speed high-altitude interceptor in the 1950's. The Sukhoi design bureu was tasked with the construction of the swept-wing S-1 tactical fighter and the delta-winged T-3 interceptor.


The Su-1 'Fitter' which first flew in 1955 later developed into the Su-7 which in turn developed into the very successful Su-17,20,22 variable wing geometry attack aircrafts.


The T-3 on the other hand developed into the Su-7 'Fishpot'. Unfortunately the Su-9 lacked performance in both operational range as well as radar range. This led to the development of the Su-15 'Flagon', not counting the half-failure of Su-11 (a bigger version of the Su-9). The Su-15 after lots of prototypes first flew operationally in 1965. During it's operational time it guarded the Soviet Unions borders right up until the desintegration of the USSR.


Production of the T-model began in 1971 and that later became TM with the modernised Taifun-M radar. The Su-15 had at this point evolved with extended wings to lower the high approroach speed and a spherical nosecone to make room for the bigger radar. The TM also had smaller inner weapon pylons under the wings to carry R-60 (AA-8 APHID) missiles, this was done to satisfy the need of a dogfighting capability. To further increase it's overall capability the under fuselage pylons were upgraded to being able to carry gunpods, attack rockets, rocket pods and bombs up to 500kg. Since only the gunpods has been used and has a functional fire-control system the other loadouts options must be seen as theoretical, although the carrying capability's still there.



---Install guide---

Simply extract the contents of the Su-15TM folder into your Mods\StrikeFighters2 folder.

Chaff and flares have been added so you can spend more time flying, and less time dying!


---Made by---

Aircraft LODs Boopidoo

Aircraft textures Volksjaeger & Boopidoo

Aircraft decals Volksjaeger & Boopidoo


Cockpit LODS Boopidoo

Cockpit textures Boopidoo & Badger the Bad


su15tm_data.ini kreelin, MoonJumper & Boopidoo

su15_avionics.ini Boopidoo

su15_loadout.ini Boopidoo

su15tm_cockpit.ini Boopidoo

SU15_ABEmitter.ini kreelin & bpao

SU15ab.tga kreelin & bpao (originally F14ab.tga by Deuces)

Su15Engine.wav kreelin

MiGLock & MiGTrack.wav Fubar512 (from Magos MiG-21 cockpit)

Zvezda K-36D Ejection Seat by AleDucat

Red Pilot by The Trooper

Hangar Screen by Epizikl

SF2 Updates and Loading Screen by NeverEnough


---Special thanks to---

Invaluable testing by MoonJumper and kreelin which inspired me to improve the model way beyond my initial goals. Thanks Volksjaeger, Eruyi & Hawkwind for help with the original model. Armourdave gave me a lot of invaluable help and support, thanks David! Thanks to Mago for help and tutoring regarding Soviet avionics and especially the RWR.


Without the help from you guys of the column5.us and SimHQ.com forums this wouldn't have happened.


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Well done neverenough. We needed this plane in the SF2 hangar so to speak. Thanks for the work. :clapping:

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The bitmaps for the AA-3 missiles in this SF2 package were renamed to match the lod names, but that doesn't work. The missiles have no textures and show up black in the game. Both lod files for the ir and radar AA-3 missiles specify "aa-3.bmp", so either the bmps need to be renamed back to "aa-3.bmp" or the lod files for the AA-3s need to be edited to point to the new names. Renaming the bmps is by far easier.


The Su-15 is one of the jewels of the SF series. What other sim allows you to try to intercept B-52s, B-1s, and/or FB-111s in an Su-15 or try to slip by Su-15s while flying one of the bombers? The model and pit are awesome.


P.S. This is another candidate for the DirectX 10 effects edits.

Edited by streakeagle

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Probably the best fix is to rename the aa-3r.bmp used in the AA-3RB folder to aa-3.bmp, and rename the aa-3ir.bmp used in the AA-3IRB folder also to aa-3.bmp. Both skins will then appear correctly in game.


These two missiles came from 331KillerBee's SF2 Weapon Pack, so I assumed the bmp files were named correctly. Out of curiosity I fired up the hex editor and took a peek at the lod files for the AA-3 missiles in the Community Weapons Pack 2.52, WOE MF Weapons Pack 1-02-08 v2.0, and Bunyap's Weapons Pack 0-06. Every weapons pack available to date has the AA-3 bmp's named incorrectly!


So, the short version is just rename your AA-3 bmp's to aa-3.bmp, and you will be good to go!

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