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Jasta 4 Online Campaign

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Mein Herren!


The rules and format rules for the Jasta 4 online campaign are as follows:


1. The Campaign to be flown will be with Jasta 4 starting on 6th Novermber 1917. Each Sunday for the next 3 months (real time) the group will fly between 2 - 4 missions representing the operational sorties flown on any particular day of the campaign. The last sorties of this campaign will be flown on 20 December 2009.


2. The aircraft assigned for flight operations will be those available at that point in the historical campaign. At the start of this campaign the following aircraft are assigned for flight operations:


2 x Fokker DRI

6 x Albatros DV

3 x Pfalz DIIIA

4 x Albatross DIII OAW


Allocations of pilots to aircraft will be on a first come first served basis and the pilot will continue the campaign with that type of aircraft while they are still available (a replacement aircraft system has been developed to determine replacement aircraft). If you would like to opt for a particular aircraft, post your preference below. (Axgrinder, I've already got you down for an Albatross DV).


3. The success of each individual mission will be judged by the organiser, hence ground attack/balloon busting scenarios will only be judged successful if the damage inflicted is enough to render the target severely damaged or destroyed. Air-to-air kills will only be recorded as 'confirmed' if verbal confirmation is given by another jasta member over TeamSpeak that he saw you kill the enemy e.g. he sees it going down in flames, break up in the air or crash. If the pilot is killed during the sortie, only those achieved before death will count. Any pilot respawning into another aircraft after pilot death will not have any victories achieved after respawn counted towards the score of his next pilot.


4. The performance of individual pilots will be manually recorded (mission successes, number of kills, etc) and will form a permanent record taken from one mission to the next. Should your pilot die in combat, then his achievements will be reset and the member starts again with a new pilot. In this way we can keep records of our most successful pilots for the purpose of any awards or the allocation of better aircraft for our 'ace' pilots e.g. achieve 10 online kills and the Jasta will allocate the aircraft of you choice (available at the time of the campaign) as a personal mount. Stumpjumper is also offering to provide the most successful pilots with 'personalised' aircraft skins. These privileges would be lost with the death of the pilot.


5. We will play with high reality settings (hard flight model, strong guns) but with 'automixture' set on the server as the majority of the aircraft we will be flying had this historically.


6. The missions will be designed so that the only AI ace pilots in the game are named, historically correct and in game in limited numbers to reduce the frequency of members getting 'sniped' from 800' away.


7. The organiser will keep a running total of points awarded to every pilot in order to determine who the top three pilots are at the end of the campaign. The top prize will be a reproduction Blue Max medal as shown below.




Vasco :pilotfly:


Edited by Vasco

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Cracking mate, i'll go for a Pflaz DIII if thats ok.


You've got it.


Vasco :pilotfly:

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Sorry I missed the action today. Had a fast family emergency with my mom.


I should be in for the next sunday run just fine.


I would like to sign up for the DR1 next sunday if we have one open. That plane drives me crazy but I AM NOT going to give up till I learn it well.


Firecage out :salute::salute:

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