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  1. Jasta 16b

    S! Can anyone help me with any information on Jasta 16b during WW1,It's for a project i'am working on.Thanks
  2. Sorry boy's i won't be able to make it ( Bonfire to go to with the mrs & kids ) i'll get on as soon as i get back to see if anyones about.
  3. Hi Olham , this is my desk top
  4. Dimming lables

    Hi Ghunter, what you need to do is change the colour settings in your viewui.xml file. Now before you mess with the settings save the original. NOT THE FILE IN THE GAME. you must change the ViewUI.xml file in your hidden file called App Data NOT the Viewui.xml file in your OBD game file
  5. Vasco's Volunteers

    Hi Mack,nice to see you back. If you can PM Winston-Doright, then he will get you up to speed with what you need to join,we've added planes and things and he's got it all on a download site. Hope to see you soon Red-Dog
  6. Hi Si, i know Vasco tried the mod and it mucked up some of is settings mission builder, you will be better speaking to him.The sound mods worked great though.Keep up the good work Creaghorn....
  7. Hi Dragonfly, it can be a bit of a task setting up your MP,but once it's done you wont look back.Your best bet is to join us on team speak so we can talk you through the set up.Me and winston won't be on till next week but Vasco is on most nights and what he doesn't know about set up you could write on the back of a stamp.Hope to see you online soon.
  8. Maps, Flares and Missions

    Wayfarer all you need to do is make sure you have the flairs onboard by selecting them in loadout.Then if your using the key board press back space to select them and then enter to drop.
  9. Hi chap's come and get your very own Sopwith tripe and join Black flight for the next installment of Vasco's Volunteers coming to a field near you very soon. Red-dog is now Flying "Black dog"
  10. Maps, Flares and Missions

    Hi Wayfarer, the only key i use for maps is the M key,I belive this is the default. The flairs don't do antything just look pretty unless your flying online,Now we use them for signaling like you should.
  11. Multiplayer only

    He would never put the STUMP out of a job,just that we needed some one to do the work you were doing till you came back. Lets call it a temporary position.Anyway stump if the Dev's did some work on MP then you both would be redundant but one thing i you can be sure of is THAT WON'T HAPPEN.Hope to see you in the skies soon.
  12. Hi chap's this is what i'd like to see in phase 4? 1.Be able to land and re-arm / re-fuel. 2.The price to stay what it was when all of us first lot brought the game. i.e not half in price 2 months down the road? 3.Multiplayer that the dev's will spend some time sorting out,they don't know what there missing out on,every other forum i go on the pilots will say what a good looking sim this is, but it's not for them because of the difficulties they have getting on oline so they have been out and brought ROF or a IL2 sim instead,and the number of people waiting for canvas knights is massive.So dev's sort the multiplayer out and you would be quids in.Until then the four of us who can get online will sing the praise's of the best ww1 sim out there.........
  13. Recommend Some Pedals for OFF

    Hi SirMike, i've had my Pro saiteks about 6 months now and love em.I'am runing Vista 64 and haven't had any problems.
  14. Cheers PD look forward to flying with the boy's....

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