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Mr. Lucky

I hope it's sound drivers

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Preface: I'm running OFF on a low end machine (for OFF).

I've noticed in the past, any missions flying near the front in April 1917 when there's a lot of activity, start to stutter especially over Arras. We all know this is probably caused by the activity overloading my system.


My first mission for 56 Squadron in SE5 April 1917 is patrol behind friendly lines. there were 7 planes in A flight and 6 in B flight. A flight and us separate and about 5 miles south west of Vert Galant, I spot two Alb DV's diving down and order the attack.

During the dogfight, I see what appears to be A flight joining in flying a perfect diamond formation. So, here we are in at least a 15 plane dogfight and I'm still getting decent frame rates. Then, just as in real life, suddenly the skies are empty and my wingmen and I head for our assigned sector south of Amiens. close to Amiens, suddenly the sound of artillery fire begins and my frame rates drop to about 2 or 3 for about 1 minute. After that, the frame rates picked back up again as though the sounds and drivers finished loading.


therefore, I hope to attribute the drop in FPS at the front to the sound of the guns just as I experienced near Amiens. I just updated my sound card drivers, so I will see what happens next. If anyones has anything to add, such as sound settings, hardware accelleration, etc. my ears are open.

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Built in motherboard sound cards especially older or cheaper ones can eat CPU - or it could be the driver for sure. Try turning sound off and see what happens (Q I think).

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