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Some Ingame Map Suggestions

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Suggestion for TK...

It would be nice if ingame map, "M" key, had:

1.) Names for differents flights shown on map, either their callsign or at least type of aircraft if known thru radar intel or visual sighting.

2.) Names for airbases and a way to tell if they are friendly or not, or at least way to add them, perhaps thru mission editor.

3.) Key landmark names or at least way to add them thru mission editor.

4.) The "Front Lines" shown, or if Vietnam, at least the DMZ and borders. If the lines are fluid, dont know how easy this would be.


Also, I remember that the air controllers during the war often could monitor the launch of MiGs in NVN and by deducing time in the air could give a very accurate estimate of remaining flight time for the MiGs. It would be cool if the map reflected this in a note next to each enemy aircraft on the map or even have the controller tell you just like back then.


Maybe someone could even mod this if not TK?

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Guest Ranger332

the only way to get "some" updated info hit #7 and then #2 I think seven gets the controler and two ask for the vector the nerest threat.

you can also ask for updates on mission status vector to base,and target. when you hit #7 a pop up window will apper in the upper left corner.hope this helps out till the patch arrives :yltype:

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it would also be nice to be able to see the some the faq marks targets with,and be able to have them remark the target.

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