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  1. AV History and Strike fighters!!!!!!!!!!!1 I am in on this! The AV History team is the best around. Greg was kind enough to get me going on my first aircraft for the CFS Series long ago. With Greg's help, I was the first one out with an addon A/C for M$ CFS 3(P-40). I would team up with them for a SFP1 aircraft if there is interest in it. Mikewhl
  2. Oh you guys are so smart! But there is one problem, the ca(pain) starts you with an F-100, no aim7's. Yes you can extend with the F-100, but then what, you come back, and there's the MiG-17's climbing to 30k and laughing at ya.
  3. Ah where are these updated FM's ? Mike
  4. Well I didn't say I was getting rid of it! Just not gona play it till it's fixed! I don't want to fly MiG's, I want to fly USAF aircraft, "and Kill MiGs" If I didnt already know a patch was coming, this would make a great trash can filler! We need someone like Avhistory.org to workup a spreadsheet for this sim! I think something like that would go along way to solve the flight model problems. As for right now the FM's are so far "off" it just no fun to play. And you cannot use the vertical, when your getting out climbed by the MiG's. Heck flying the MiG's is no fun cause, I can kill all the F-100's, F104's, and F-4's with way to much ease! Mike Wholaver
  5. This game is just no fun at all! I've tried and tried, but the MiGs are just too tough to beat! I must really stink at being a jet pilot. You start the campaine with the F-100, what a complete and total dog! The MiG-17's just fly circles around me. They climb away, and come back down swooping and shooting, and the F-100 is struggling to do 200kts, and they are climbing away at 300+! What a joke! The damn MiG-17 outclimbs the F-104! This game is totally screwed, whoever did these flight models is........... :x
  6. Would've loved to be there to hear it!
  7. I agree, all those things would be nice! I second the vote. Mike
  8. Yes after checking a skin mod for the F-4, if you look at where the cockpit is on the skin. You can see where the canopy rails are part of the skin, just put your name on the bmp there. Or send me a skin you want your name on (and the name you want on it) and I'll do it for you. So you can see what I am talking about. As far as I know there is no support for a decal. Mike
  9. I'am not sure about the canopy rails, but it seems to me that you can put your name on the fuselage side just below the canopy via the bmp for the forward fuselage. Just load up the bmp for it in your painting program, and add your name in the right spot. Just a guess. Mike
  10. Well Fates I guess I can see your point. But, also thats the biggest line of crap I've heard at this forum. You just lumped a whole lota "hobbiest", into one group of no talent guys ,who couldnt produce a good 3D model if their life depended on it! All because you dont do something for a "living", does not mean you can not do a good job at something. I've seen some 3d model made by a "hobbiest", that put some "professionals" to shame. The models that came OTB for SF:P1 are very well done indeed, BUT there are folks out there that can, and will do just a good a job as can be done, given the chance. 3DS Max is a great tool, and is tough to use for sure, but if I worked on it for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it surely wouldn't be 6 months per model, it's not that hard to use. And if you think a model is crap(and I've seen some bad ones), you dont download it. Pretty simple Not to offend, but you got my goat with that one! :x Mike
  11. All noted, and good pionts. I was just thinking of ways to get more simmers into THIS game. And for 3rd Wire to make some money, and give us more sims in this era. Dont forget, it's supporting the masses that drive sales. As far as cheating go's. I for one don't unstand it. What's the fun of winning, if you cheat? It seems so pointless. But that's me. Mike
  12. Your gona have cheaters no matter what ya do. You have to identifiy them and not play em. Mike
  13. For SF:P1 to get wide spread flight sim communitiy{however you spell that}support, one should look at what M$ did with it's flight sims. And that is open ended sim with low cost tools. As it stands right now (with only 3DS Max as a model tool), many people love the game, and ideal behind it, but no way to afford a program like 3DS Max (me for one). I've made a number of aircraft for CFS2, and Iam working on my first for CFS3 with Gmax. I also use FSDv2, at a cost of around $50, I can afford that, not the hundreds for 3DS Max. I would venture to guess that FS2000, CFS2, and FS2002, are the most widely supported sims out there. More support, equals more sales, equals more support. This game is great, and currently the only one out there for this era. It can become a huge player in the sim world, only if the it can reach the masses at a resonable cost for addon tools. A detailed SDK is also a good bet. As you may have noticed, us simmers LOVE to tweak our sims, mod our aircraft, etc........ The ONLY reason that CFS2 has been on my HDD for 2 years, is because of addons, tweaks, and stuff made by modders. I want this sim to be all it can be! And us tweakers and modders will see to that! Just make sure we have the tools to do so! Just a thought. Mike Wholaver
  14. Not to be a "nay sayer", but what kind of ships are those? Very big "smokestacks" on em! Floating oil rigs? Mike
  15. Haven't gotten quiet that far. Took all day to do the fusalage! Hard to model because of the double curviture of the intake, fusalage joint. I do have the main body finished now. On to the landing gear. Drop me an email, and I'll send you a screen shot. Mike

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