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Guest Eject

:salute:Guys, g'd evening to those in the States. It's 08.38 a.m. in Jakarta. The other day I did a "What Ifs," I am not here offering a Single MSN whatsoever, which I still can not do (I wish to create an MSN of Striking Dimona in Negev).


This was what I did. Having completed an Anti_Ship MSN off Darwin (smashing six cargo ships, 2 to 3 Ausie destroyer using my two RP-s in InnerStations2 in my "enhanced" Su-27 TNI-AU (thanks to the Su-mod DL here somewhere, tho the hard-points or the NEW Pylons remain showing not/do not show).


A crazy idea struck me, what if I land on the only one carrier at the port of Darwin? So, I did the regular steps; circling first to gain lower alt., next reduced speed to normal final approach. OK, the carrier was right in front of me. Air brake applied, landing gears too.


On touch down, in nanosecond brake was applied. No steel line to hook on the carrier. What happened next was, I "sank" directly to the sea all the way THROUGH the carrier's runway!


Lesson learned, to me at least, one cannot land on the carrier acting as ground object, static one, even nearly all hi-rise buildings in the cities in ALL terrains available, give it a try, slam onto them, and you will survive. Just went through all of them. They all, static ships, buildings, are just like a "fatamorgana," in the IT terms it's called VIRTUAL.......


Yet, mountains (several!) in Snowy Norway DL are really SOLID objects, that even when I set to Auto Pilot in one of the Single MSNs I played during Final Approach (very tricky, from the sea to the runway BEHIND a towering mountain), I slammed onto it, so did my Wingman. On Auto Pilot man!


I was giggling to watch, later on when I was dead, an IAF Kfir was losing altitude when the pilot was negotiating the tricky valley, and slammed onto one hill! I had no control of this enemy's flight of course, as I had been dead first. And they are enemy planes.


You, know, the "benefit" of playing this game had been that we, to me at least, can treat our monitor and the great game as an air battles Video, especially when we were dead due to some mishaps. I wonder if some senior modders can create an added device in the game engine, so we can do some "re-runs" of the most exciting MSN we flew (a play back feature).


In fact, in real life I really have done some What Ifs......Hence, my enjoying "McGyver-ing."


Am I correct re those things (buildings and ships, apparently not so with static planes) guys? Thank you all.:salute:

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Guest Eject

Dude, don't get stressed for free...use KMD or Le Missionier :grin:


:grin:Thanks mate, I did draw ur attention and brief, nice comment. Hehehehe......:grin:Lemmie have my late breakfast...

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