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I've been missing out. Best Sim Ever

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After a few hard days of flying, this has got to be the most satifying combat sim I've ever played. Its got the best feeling flight model (meaning REAL), I love it. Took a day to tweak the graphic settings, now its running slick. Shooting planes down is frigging awesome, the eyecandy, smoke and fire look authentic, and VIOLENT. Seriously, this thing looks like real world gun camera footage. The mission generators and campaing are excellent, lets me jump in for quick action, or when I have time for a long flight that makes me worry about fuel management. Its got it all. The historical accuracy is probly the best part of it all.


I got warm and fuzzy rolling out of my first napalm run, holy crapyikes.gif my whole cockpit lit up, I thought I was on fire when I looked in my mirrors. And I just survived my first mid-air collision with a head on mig-19 pass. He sliced my wingtip off.After pulling a quick merge and high G turn, he was small in my HUD, thought I was on his 6 until tracers started coming at me. Damage model is excellent, somehow I kept this bird in the air.





Anyway, I'm not saying anything you guys dont already know, I just have a question. HOW COME NONE OF YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!


I'm s**t canning all my other sims, and stocking up on all the new SF2 titles. TK is da man. bowdown2.gif

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I second what Silverbolt said. Once you begin checking out the files, you'll end up with some sims that are truly hotrodded compared to the stock stuff.

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Well,as someone wrote in a song : "Welcome my son,welcome to the machine".


As the others said,try the awsome quantity of the mods and comunity addons,this will be a joyride for you. :yikes:


Stay tuned.

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