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  1. This... is lame

    Assholes with little-man syndrome in the military are one of the reason I left.
  2. Looks like I have no pit lights in Phantoms, I havent installed new patch yet though.
  3. I havent installed the patch over my Vietnam Gold Expansion pack yet. I was waiting to see if anyone had any problems with it first. I dont remember having problems with cockpit lighting, I'll fire it up and see what mine looks like. What planes in particular have no lights?
  4. Did you see the new almost military grade A-10 HOTAS? Thrustmaster is releasing it in September, and the DCS A-10 sim will be released the same month. The sim is custom made to work with this stick, no programing required, just plug and play and every switch and dial works correctly. More over at Sim-HQ. The Sim: http://www.simhq.com/_commentary/all_101c.html The stick: http://www.simhq.com/_commentary/all_101b.html I was looking foreward to the A-10, but the release of this new HOTAS at the same time blew me away.
  5. I bought and installed the new Israel 2 Suez addon. Now I want to get the "Five Planes for 6 days" mod planes working with this (the Super Mystere, Vatour, and Ouragan). I have the aircraft files, and the campaing ini/data files that came with the mod. But I'm not sure about hacking the campaing ini and campaing data to work with the new Thirdwire addon, without messing up the stock addon campaign and aircraft. I got 3 new official aircraft with the addon, but lost 3 in the process.
  6. One Amazing T.V.

    I went to blow my income tax return on a new high def. television this week. I expected to drop a grand or so on a good 120 hz 46 incher. I walked out with this $3200 monstrosity instead (on sale for $2200). http://www.mitsubish...product/LT52249 Its got 18 computer controlled directional speakers built in the front that bounce 5.1 dolby digital sound off the walls, giving you surround sound without the extra reciever, speakers, and wires. I wouldn't believe somethinglike that would work until I sat down in the store theater and heard the demo myself. Now I gotta sit on my hands till it arrives Monday, dang it. Heres an independant review you can check out. http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/pdf/SV_Dec09_153review.pdf
  7. US Rifle 30 Caliber Garand

    Sold my M1A Springfield awhile ago. Was a good piece.
  8. Five Guys Burgers

    Steak and Shake...best thing there is their chili. Burger and chili is all you need to order.
  9. My HDD died, a warning to all

    I avoid the problem alltogether by not putting anything important in my pc. Its a gaming platform, strictly for entertainment.
  10. I already have gold version with January patch. Do I just install February patch over that, or do I need to reinstall the whole Vietnam gold mod again with fubuary patch and the new gold update?
  11. Wait, I see it now. I'm current up to Janaury patch I meant to say. But do I reinstall the whole package, or just drop Feb patch on top of what I have?
  12. What does this have to do with the Feb '10 patch, its not mentioned anywhere in the instructions? I have Viet Gold installed over December patch, including tree fix. Do I just put Febuary patch on top of this install?
  13. Building a new PC

    No reason for added expense of sli with todays cards. Single boards are plenty fast enough for all games. Check out Ibuypower.com , they're the cheapest custom rigs you can buy. (with the best parts) http://www.ibuypower.com/
  14. What difficulty settings?

    I find it easy on hard settings. The few times I get shot down are from ground fire, almost never from air to air.
  15. I have the same problem, heres how to fix it. In terrain folder (game main directory) is a CAT file, by the name of VietnamSEA. Expand the cat, find the VietnamSEA ini file. You'll see percentages for each weather type there. Make overcast and inclement 0, and the others whatever you like. Drop the edited VietnamSEA ini file into your mods folder. (User/Saved Games/Thirdwire/StrikeFighter2 Vietnam/Terrains/VietnamSEA). You'll find a CAT expander in the downloads section.

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