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When I load a carrier mission the plane seems to sink through the carrier pavement like it has no mass. Like a ghost. Just one time i did modify a missión with a mission editor and it run well. But i do not know how i did it. Anyone knows what happens?


thanks in advance

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you probably missed one of the many steps for building carrier missions.


lots of potential issues. The plane has to be carrier, the start location has to be set for the carrier, the heading, speed and altitude have to be zero for the start and take-off for the first spot, etc.


there is a tutorial in the knowledge base and a pretty good one that comes with the mission editor.


miss any one of those, and the plane explodes on deck.


not to mention making sure you launch a friendly plane from a friendly carrier! (important in WWII setups!!!)


at any rate - without posting your mission, not much more anyone can tell you.

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Hi guy´s:


Ok, i´ve been making test with Le Missioneur mission editor. And this happened.


After succed in terrains like Canary Island, BlacK Sea or Germany. I did try it again in Libya. And then finally didn´t work. So it make me think about it must be a trouble with the terrain. The fact is, all missions i had tested before were located in Libya Terrain. They were "Tomcats over Libya" and the "Carrier mission pack v2.10" both downloaded from combatace download area.


What you guy´s think about this?


I use Libya ver2_final.


In case the terrain is the reason. May i do anything?


Thanks in advance

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Ah OK, some fault in the Libya map could be the culprit, yep

Maybe The Wrench knows more.... I cant remember if the Libya map has issues.



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