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Change skin LOMAC

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Hello everyone, I'm new :smile:

I wanted to know how to change LOMAC on skin

I hope that they did not trouble immediately



PS: I'm Italian, excuse me for my bad english

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Hello everyone, I'm new :smile:

I wanted to know how to change LOMAC on skin


Lockon has a fixed number of slots for each aircraft type. In the ME (Mission Editor), in the PAYLOAD section for an aircraft you can set the skin you want. Note that you can change the skins for flyable aircraft and also the AI aircraft. When you install a new skin (either manually or by using MODMAN), then that new skin will replace one of the default skins. Which default skin is replaced depends on which one the designer of the new skin chose to replace, ie which slot number he chose.


Most skins are made into a MODMAN pack by the author. MODMAN is a useful Utility that makes adding and removing skins and other Mods really easy. It "knows" where the MOD needs to go and keeps a copy of whatever files are replaced by the Mod so you can undo the Mod later if you want. It is the most downloaded of any Lockon extra. I cant imagine not having it. I have about 50 Mods and skins added and MODMAN allows me to add them or remove them with one mouse click.

NOTE BENE: Mod / skin packs are zipped (.zip or .rar etc) and MODMAN expects that, so leave them zipped. Don't unzip them yourself. The pack will also contain a file like .lma or similar. This is the file that tells MODMAN which folders the files need to be placed into to make the Mod or Skin work.


Some folks get confused when they have used MODMAN to install a new skin but when they fly a mission, the new skin doesn't appear. You have to look through the pulldown list of skins when in the PAYLOAD section of the Mission Editor to spot where your new skin is. This is the most common problem folks have with D/L'ed skins, they have successfully used MODMAN to add them to Lockon but failed in the final step to actually select the skin "in the game".




The new skin replaces default skin number 3 for the A-10.

You fly the A-10 quick fly mission straight from the main page.

Unless that mission coincidentally used skin number 3, then you would see no change.



This time you make your own mission and choose skin number 3 in the PAYLOAD screen.

Now you see the new skin.


Hope that makes it clear.....

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Thank you, but where to find the payload?


From the main page, choose Mission Editor.

Top left, click on FILE and choose OPEN.

Navigate the folders to the mission you want and click on the one you want.

Click on MAP (bottom right). Now you see the Mission.

Choose the aircraft you want to change in the mission by clicking on one of the waypoints (the circles).

Now you get a menu on the right side of the screen about that aircraft.

At the top is a button that says PAYLOAD. Click that.


Now you get a screen that shows that aircraft and you can choose the weapons, the fuel load, the skin (COLOUR SCHEME), etc.



For good helpful information about the Mission Editor and other things in Lockon, then IronHand's "Getting Started" movies are excellent. These are made using Flaming Cliffs, but are pretty much OK to learn the original Lockon v1.02 Mission Editor as well, so it will be very useful time spent watching them. They will save you a lot of wasted time and frustration :)






and scroll down till you can find,

VIDEO :: Getting Started Part 1: The GUI and Mission Editor

VIDEO :: Getting Started Part 2: The Mission



The Quick Start manual from page 48 onwards has some basic Mission Editor details. If you have Flaming Cliffs then this manual is in your Lockon/docs folder. If you only have vanilla Lockon (v1.02) then IronHand has it on his site for you to download, link below,






Other Mission Editor stuff on the InterNet


Introduction Level



More complex


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I did it, thanks you very much :)


No problem, glad to be some help :grin:


I would just add that the Lockon forum here at CombatAce is a bit quiet these days. You will find many more people and maybe faster answers on the Forums at http://www.lockonfiles.com


You will also find all the skins, Mods, missions and campaigns you could want there. It is certainly the biggest English language Lockon website.


If you speak French then try


they have a busy Lockon forum also.


Another good website is


Their forum is quiet, but they have great downloads especially Lockon movies. A German site but much is also in English.

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