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20 Years since the Wall came down

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Just wondered if anyone here has a story to tell about the day the Berlin Wall was knocked down?

Were any of you German Lads there to witness it?...have you been re-united with anyone?

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well there are currently celebrations in Berlin - french président Sarkozy is currently speaking - and what i find especially unbelievable is, what's happening in Paris ! Thanks !! We have sure come a long way ... and it would not have been possible without Gorbatschow, and the east german people. The then west-german chancellor Kohl was not really involved, but certainly tried to convince the people it had all been his idea afterwards lol - ridiculous politicians.

I especially remember how Maggie Thatcher was not really happy about this happening, in fact she looked like getting a heartache and wanted to stop this by all means - it just happened too quickly.

I cannot remember what i was doing when the wall fell, but it was - despite all that happened before - a complete surprise. We hoped all the time it would not come to shootings .. the Stasi (east german state security, direct subordinate of the SED dictatorship) along with the east-german border police seemed not to have any orders on how to react ! The russian KGB headquarters in Berlin were on the brink of being charged, Stasi headquarters were broken open against resistance of Stasi officers, but no shot fell. And then, it just happened.




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A wonderful yet very surprising day in history

I remember, I expected the Iron Boot of Communism to fall at any moment

Our German friends must be espeially happy today

Cheers Deutchland! drinks.gif

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