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  1. Another flight

    Egad! I'm exposed! OK, OK, I'm a Rote Baron star sent here to steal WWI strategy and tactics But I'm sure you'll all forgive me as I had a great impact on many of Baron's finer moments - Having crashed all the real Camels on take-off, complete CGI combat scenes were substituted - Chasing the pretty nurse round made Schweighöfer jealous, leading to all the romantic content ...erm ...my Baron salary check bounced so donations are fully welcome
  2. The Red Baron

    Ahhh, but that would have been an unfair fight wouldn't it? MvR must best his star rival in an equal machine Oh how I loath Hollyywood ...err ...Munichwood! btw. I'm lining up to purchase it at deepdiscount.com Hey it's WWI Aero, I've got to buy it! ...and they take paypal!
  3. I flew a Roland campaign a while back Hasse Wind is correct, no bombload She's strictly a Recee bird
  4. OT Your daily History Lesson

    Great OT Topic UK! I love these mini history lessons hidden in our everyday speach
  5. What are you flying mostly?

    ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS 1. Which Nationality do you fly mostly ? 2. What is your favourite Squadron / Jasta / Escadrille to fly with ? 3. Why did you choose that Squadron / Jasta / Escadrille as your favourite ? 4. What is your favourite airfield landscape-wise (the most beautiful surrounding/area ? Perhaps you can add a screenshot of that field). 1. German 2. No favorite German squad, I fly Jastas 6, 11, 28w, and 35 mostly I'm currently flying with MFJ 1 on the coast but they're elitist poacher hounds and are gettoing on my nerves My favorite Brit unit is 74 Squad flying Se5a Vipers 3. I I choose squads based on how long they stay near the coast and look for an average or good unit 4. Like Dej, I like missions that fly over the water
  6. Boneyard

    One of the saddest and most outrageous stories I've ever heard was the USS Enterprise She fought in more battles than any warship in history, from the beginning to the end of the Pacific War At times she was the only flattop we had in the Pacific as all her sister ships were sunk But the Navy didn't stop and she fought on til the Essex Class Carriers came out to join her But at the end of the war her decks were deemed too short and weak for the pending jet aircraft ...and the morons sold her for scrap! Admir Bill Halsey led a campaign to save her as a museaum but ubelievbly he couldn't get interest or funds The Battle 360 series ended with one of her former crew describing how he watched her put to the torch and dismantled
  7. OT Your daily History Lesson

    Back when small pox was prevalent, the survivors of the disease were often left with facial scars Then women of the day, not having modern cosmetics, did the best they could with bees wax The face being quite fluid and flexible would often create embarrasing cracks in the wax If others stared too long, they might be rebuked "Mind your own bees wax!!"

    Hi perth, Welcome aboard OFF I can understand your question as sound financial thinking But the OFF Devs never post release dates until release is immenent I'm not a Dev but have been around since P1 days so here's my best estimate P4 is in development but this sim is based on quality not deadlines Most of the current P4 talk has been initiated by us end-users We realize if you don't get your suggestion in early, there's little chance of it making it into the next Phase I'd say there's still quite a bit of programming to do, alpha/beta testing, tweaking etc. P3 is well worth the investment and is a huge advancement over P2 ...but it's your nickel HTH, P.S. Oh, almost forgot ...new guy buys the drinks!
  9. Player Flight Altitude question

    Hellshade, there is a "Manual Install" button in Workshop that resets OFF And there's a "Reset cfs3" button there too These two can resolve a lot of quarky issues without going through the whole re-instll procedure All your pilot data will be lost and eveything will be reset to defaults though You can also use Herr Prop Wasche's utility to save and recover pilot info too HTH,
  10. The Shooting "Twitch"

    Well you know, no simulation is worth it's salt without attention to detail, and strict replication of both video AND AUDIO ...and those high notes aren't getting any easier to hit!!!
  11. The Shooting "Twitch"

    And a vise ...I'll need a vise
  12. The Shooting "Twitch"

    Egad! you know not what you're asking for Besides, there are Laws of Physics that prohibit it woking for me
  13. The Shooting "Twitch"

    Video Please! You're obviously quite experienced ...and in the interest of helping fellow OFFers Sacrifices must be made! erm ...and that wasn't a jump suit It was a {gag!!!} ...LEISURE SUIT ...and whatever we do, we DON"T want to bring that back, do we???
  14. OT, Daft UK Laws

    Wives of drunken fish no doubt!
  15. Good reminder Olham! I have seasons 1 & 2 on DVDs and I highly recommend the purchase Real Aces describe their combats and the CGI recreates it Gives a lot of options and tactical advice Oddly, I'm not a big fan of the WWI episodes All the pilots were long past and they only had written accounts to go by In Brooks' battle with 8 DVII's it only showed him pulling many hammerheads IIRC Best tactical episodes are the Vietnam ones Big fast Phantoms vs slower but tighter turning Migs It's all relative and the tactics can be put to good use in OFF too They say it's not the best fighter, but the best pilot who wins These episodes show why

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