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    WWI, Military history, classic movies, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Joseph Conrad, Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick, SF, Astronomy, milsims like ARMA, Retro Games, Brian Eno, Charlie Parker.....


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  1. Umm...

    I guess this is then goodbye. Oh well...
  2. I've been using for 3/4 years. It's a good low budget joystick and better (IMO) than my old Sidewinder FS. @rjw This joystick don't have force feedback. So you feel the same loaded force regardless what you're doing with your aircraft.
  3. Greeks authorities have released on bail these two, clearly, master spies. The two of Prague paid a bail-sum of €10000 (€5000 each).
  4. Panzer Corps-having fun

    The new game from TheLordz, Commander: The Great War was released today. http://www.commander-games.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Zoqn-wnam8s
  5. Taking Care Of One Of Our Fellow Simmers

    I finally got a job, even if it's only a part time, after one year and half in unemployment, so I can at least now make a small donation to someone which is in a much worse situation than me.
  6. Well Bullethead, I certainly will not argue against someone who as this sort of conviction as you seem to have about this matter. When someone wants to believe that man never reached the moon, it's very hard to prove him anything. In the end it works like a matter of faith. Of course this works for both sides. Let's wait for the trial, then.
  7. Then hey have been working for ten years in several fictional games: Operation Flashpoint, Arma, ArmA 2 and now ArmA3. We all know that these are fictional games. And that BIS (Bohemia Interactive) is a spy agency that works for a big criminal association. Soon Bond will have to act.
  8. I know that the because they are working on ArmA3 can cause suspicions, of what they were doing there. Anyway this is the official explanation given by BIS:
  9. Well, I know Ivan is working for BIS for quite a long time. He's one of the main BIS dev. Creative director if I'm not mistake. I belong to BIS community for 10 years, so for me, it would be like accusing Polowsky of being a spy because he took some photographs of a few aerodromes. Of course I cannot prove he isn't a spy, but I find it highly improbable.
  10. I wouldn't mind to debate this with you in private Olham. But I do believe if South Europe goes down all the Europe will go down as well, including Germany. And if Europe goes down... I'm sure more regions will go down as well. But this is OT. :)
  11. Olham, if I didn't know that you are the kindest person in this forum, I could have interpret it very wrongly. That's unfortunately another problem, a serious one, and in a different scale from the one I presented in this thread. Because I'm Portuguese I'm too much sensitive to the Greek economical and financial problems, and I don't see why it should be mention in this thread. The only thing in common with this situation is the place where this unfortunate incidents are happening. May I also remind that most of us here, are all Greek in a certain way.
  12. I can understand that. But the guys weren't doing any thing different than the normal tourist do. And those islands are open for tourism. I only hope that the Greek authorities assess this case as quickly as possible.
  13. OT - XCOM Enemy Unknown

    JA is also a classical. Silent Storm, unfortunately, I've never played, but it's quite good from what I've heard.
  14. OT - XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I had it download a couple years ago, but I've never ended up testing it. They are still implementing things. But probably it will be enough for you to get some of the feeling. :)

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