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It looks like DICE has been working with ATI and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will officially support DirectX 11.

AMD just sent over a list of DirectX 11 game titles and when their expected release dates are going to be. It looks like DirectX 11 is finally starting to pick up some speed, which is great news for ATI Radeon HD 5000 video card series owners as you have a card supporting DX11.
A new name has appeared on the DX11 game list and that would be Battlefield: Bad Company 2! This is a big title game, so that should help boost sales for AMD.
DiRT 2 is coming out on December 1st, so it looks like DirectX 11 is about to get a shot in the arm with these major game titles. NVIDIA's GT300 'Fermi' graphics solution for DirectX 11 is missing in action and is rumored to not be coming out in volume until April 2010. If that is the case AMD has a six month head start on DX11!

DICE Rendering Architect, Johan Andersson also confirmed this on twitter.

Yes AMD are correct, we are working together on DX11 benefits for BFBC2 in Frostbite 1. Frostbite 2 is our future DX11+ engine

ATI had this to say:

DirectX 11 is a key feature of Windows 7 and is important for two key reasons: it helps consumers experience better performing games and faster computing. To do this, DirectX 11 brings several new features which collectively improve the graphic fidelity of games and 3D applications while also enhancing the ability of the CPU and GPU to work together more efficiently. This in turn will allow end-users to potentially realize significant increases in performance as application developers harness the power of tessellation, multi-threading and compute shader technology, three key new features of DirectX 11.


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