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questions terrains and cockpit

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thank's for all the informations in the site


I have some problems with WOE


first i have download the Norway's terrain , but i can't see in the screen any airport, just trees ! (were in the mission map there is an airport )?

( i have an old PC, i also use the low definition settings)


in the JAs 39 cockpit there is a lot of instrument but is it possible to see them while flying ?


The Thyphoon is working well until i try to have a cockpit view (F1) => crash of the game



thank's for your help

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Guest rscsjsuso5

for series 2 games i don't know anything about it but for series 1 i suggest u backup your current install and then do a clean install and then patch it current patch from thirdwire and then update your video card driver and then update directx and then put low video settings with 1024x768 .


enjoy the game and also goto thirdwire for computer requirement specifics.


the patch should fix your airport problem and for jas cockpit also but try to stick with f1 to f4 the viewing cockpit as well as for the pad locks keys but don't try to zoom out to get a wider view some parts will be white.


for typhoon try to change

goto data file




MinBaseSize=SMALL ------- this should be small and also the patch should also fix it .

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Dude, reREAD his post; it's for 1st Gen WoE. Look at the statment about the terrain ... he's missing the airfields. Patching the install will NOT fix a misplaced or missing cat pointer line, which is what the problem is. Nor will tweeking an aircraft's data ini. It may, however, fix the CTD with the Tiffy pit, as there's some stuff in there that requires the 08 patch and it's modified avionics70.dll


To the terrain issue at hand....


Open the Norway.ini. If it dosen't look this this one below, add the 3 lines I've indicated






















you can see the cat callout for the 3 main terrains. Right now, it's set up for WoE, to use the GermanayCE.cat. That'll fix the problem.


looks like it's time to re-add the "Selecting the Proper Terrain Cat" instructions to the Knowledge Base, where noone will ever find them.....<sigh>


As to the other cockpit issues, without further information, can't make a diagnosis and/or repair



kevin stein

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thank's for your quick and clear answer, it's working now,

but i have a little more problem : there are some trees in the middle of the taxi way !

(another problem is when you use autopilot, the aircraft crashes just before the taxiway- that not a problem for me but can help to fix the first one),


can you help me to fix it ?


for the Thyphoon

i can fly it well, use missile, radar , ... but when i try to use the cokpit's view (F1) the game stops and crashes


for the JAs

when you open the cockpit.ini file, you can see a lot of instruments but during the flight only few of them are dispaled is it normal ?




PS i use WOE but not the ultimate patch because i have an old pc with a poor video

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