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EF-4C Wild Weasel IV + Linebacker II campaign with it

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EF-4C Wild Weasel IV + Linebacker II campaign with it

This is my version of EF-4C based on the F-4C_8thTFW_1967 made by Crab_02 and Mike Druzolowski.However some parts from the old EF-4C - like the ER-142 and the avionics .INI- of Column5, Sundowner and Storm are also included.

Be sure that you have your F-4C_8thTFW_1967 and their drop tank and decals mods downloaded and installed properly, because some parts like Ejections seats, drop tanks or decals might not be working.

I don't know when EF-4Cs had been actually retired, I assume sometime in the early '80s, (I saw photos that definetely are post-1975) so I put 1988 just to be sure.And something else...I haven't been able to develop the launchers the way I wanted to.I would like to ask to others to have a look at it.The way it is, it's a dedicated SEAD aircraft with one specific loadout.But that's the way it was in reality, so I decided that it's worth it.The way it is, you have the chance to fly some "hot" Vietnam '72 missions.I guarantee you that you 're going to enjoy it.There is modification of the stock Linebacker II campaign included if you like to test your chances...Default skin is the S.E.A. 67thTFS, but there is an 81thTFS skin if you like to try your luck in '70s Germany.













Mike Druzolowski










If someone else has contributed, please notify me and I 'll mention him.





Request - Hi rez skins for Monty A-6s and MF A-7A/Bs





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