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  1. F-101B VooDoo. SF.2 2019 Redux.

    I hope so!! The level of skins offered to us in the F-101Bs is unreal!
  2. F-4B Skin Pack 1

    This are excellent skins, I hope that they are more to come!
  3. Tornado GR.1B (BETA)

    guuruu worked really very hard for this.
  4. RT-33A Reduxe

    Excellent rework, a nice surprise.
  5. ALARM missile

    This is ravenclaw level work.
  6. UH-1H Huey. SF2. V1

    Finally a proper UH-1!
  7. UH-1H Huey. SF2. V1

    I feel really sorry about this person that does not appreciate the really hard work that you did on this. Be assured that I am fully aware that the amount of work that you did is amazing...and I really hope that you won't abandon this forever! You did all the difficult part.... It's a pity.
  8. RAAF Pilatus PC-21 for SF2 Ver

    It's really excellent, thanks!
  9. SF2_USN_F-4B_J_MissileStatus_v1

    Are you sure that the F-4J could fire AIM-7 from the wing stations ? In general, this mod is an excellent idea.
  10. A-1H Skin Pack

    These skins are really excellent
  11. Su-32 34 Skin Packs

    It's a pity that many people cannot enjoy these!
  12. Mirage IIIO SEA Camouflage

    Thank you. This skin is good as a stock one. There was also a 2-gray camo applied in the Mirage IIIO late in their operational life with the RAAF. Can you also make this please?
  13. RF-101 Camo

    I hope that they are more to come!
  14. Mirage F-1CT

    This is excellent, i am looking for the F.1EQ also...

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