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  1. SF2 F-22A USAF Raptors Redux 2016

    The previous pilot was a re-skinned '60s pilot
  2. Days of Thunder(streak)s Vol. 6 - AdA

    I hope that someone whould make finally a proper F-84 cockpit. The available skins are excellent and the plane itself is very a exciting ride.
  3. Bae HawkT1a Cockpit.7z

    fantastic, and it was badly needed...
  4. B61 Nuclear Bomb Pack

    Ravenclaw is back.
  5. F-2H Banshee (Razbam) Updated data pack

    This is for SFP1 originally.
  6. Jet Provost.7Z

    This is so great, what a nice surprise! I hope that we 're going to have more skins for the strikemaster.
  7. Panavia Tornado (German Navy)

    Just check how realistic are the afterburner emitters. Guruu is a master modder.
  8. SF2 F-84F Thunderstreak by The Mirage Factory

    Thank you very much. I write this comment without even installing it yet. HAF service dates should be from January 1957 to July 1983. The confusion may arise from the fact that a few retired F-84Fs were picked up after official retirement by the 348 recon squadron that flew RF-84Fs. F-84Fs were used from 1978 onwards by the 348 squadron as hacks and wingman duties. By wingman duties I mean that one single RF-84F had a F-84F as its wingman while performing a recon mission. The same system was used also by the RF-5A/F-5A, RF-104G/F-104G etc not that unsual. When F-84Fs were grounded for good, I don't know. I know that by the time the last three airworthy F-84Fs were retired in March 1991 (RF-84F service dates, August 1956 - March 1991) the F-84F had been grounded already long time ago.
  9. AV-8B Harrier II - SF2. ver.2019

    You need to lower your graph settings, this is a high-res 3D model that needs a really strong graphics card.
  10. AV-8B Harrier II Plus - SF2. ver.2019

    This is so great, incredible I should say. Thanks so much for this! I can only hope that in the future we 'll receive even more Harriers.
  11. Convair B-58 Hustler

    Hopefully someone will make skins for it...the 3D model is much better than the old one.
  12. Mirage F-1EQ-2

    This is a great addition, thank you
  13. Canberra B(I).66

    To be honest I was hoping for Canberras B.2 (Rhodesian), B.8 & B.58 so I can replace the very old add-ons of Ahmed Junaid Raza ...but in any case everything so nice is welcome! I thought that Canberras were completely forgotten...so having these add-ons is like a miracle.
  14. Canberra B(I).12

    This is huge (and totally unexpected), since we can finally retire three different planes of Adjunair...a very old mod from the early days of SFP1.
  15. Gloster Meteor F.4

    I wish everyone would do planes like this! So many skins and such a amazing amount of work. I always wanted this plane and I am very happy now that is done.

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