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  1. Fly as a Wingman

    Thank you
  2. Fly as a Wingman

    Can you give us the COMMDATA together with the FORMATION file? Thanks.
  3. 52nd Fighter Wing 1994

    Thank you for adding credits.
  4. 52nd Fighter Wing 1994

    Fubar did the original FM in the original release of the F-15 by fast cargo, however I rework all the DATA.inis the AVIONICS.ini and LOADOUT.inis . Spudknocker did some rework of the afterburner emitters and some cockpit work? I cannot remember anymore after 8 years, however the rework of the avionics and the loadouts is 100% mine. Fastcargo had only the original F-15C/D of 1979 and the F-15C/D_85. All the versions that are shown in this package here, apart from the previous mentioned original versions were created by me as a draft where Viper worked all his skins. I am not mentioning this as a means to downgrade FUBARs work, however I believe that the people involved in the Mudhen Maintenance Team as Viper named us should be mentioned, especially since the F-15C_91 is essentially the one taken out of the F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux. Also, I feel disappointed because after so many years the release of this is not used at all, essentially I made it for free use for modders to use it as a basis to work on their F-16s, with weights, thrust etc corrected and it is disappointing that you still have the empty weight of an YF-16 on this Block 50....
  5. A-7 Corsair II. SLUF over Vietnam.

    In the A-7A there is a problem with the serial numbers, they are not coming out properly
  6. Falklands Mod HMS Ark Royal ‘what if’ campaign

    The Argentinians didn't even consider that the British would go to war. When they realized that they are going to war for real, it was too late for them. Phantoms would had been great in this war. This was the kind of war that they were designed in the first place. Apparently the Eagle and Victorious were better carriers than the Ark Royal. An logical policy would had been to retire the Ark Royal , keep the Eagle, give all the Buccaneers to the RAF and keep a Phantom only Eagle in service.
  7. Falklands Mod HMS Ark Royal ‘what if’ campaign

    They wished ! haha Seriously, if they had Ark Royal and their Phantoms and Buccaneers still in service with the Ark Royal, the Argentinians most likely they wouldn't even try to invade the islands.
  8. Martin P5M-2 Marlin (*)

    I also hate texture painted serial numbers...
  9. Northrop F-5E/N "aggressor" double pack (*)

    These are excellent skins, and I hope that this effort will continue, since there a lot of excellent LODs in the A-Team that are wasted without proper skins (and especially, NO decals...)
  10. Canadair CL-13 Sabre F.Mk.2

    HAF's F-86s were Mk.4s and were overhauled in the US
  11. SF2 F-22A USAF Raptors Redux 2016

    The previous pilot was a re-skinned '60s pilot
  12. Days of Thunder(streak)s Vol. 6 - AdA

    I hope that someone whould make finally a proper F-84 cockpit. The available skins are excellent and the plane itself is very a exciting ride.
  13. Bae HawkT1a Cockpit.7z

    fantastic, and it was badly needed...
  14. B61 Nuclear Bomb Pack

    Ravenclaw is back.

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