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Guest Eject

Wrench Help Needed Please

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Guest Eject

Wrench, I refer to Pasko's SAMs and Vehicle Pak - Desert Skins by Wrench user_popup.png


Questions (dumb one of me!):

1. Does it work for WOE? I installed it previously on my WOE with the latest Patch from TW DL and latest WeapPack of Oct.08.

2. Is there similar Pack of urs and Pasko's exclusively for WOE?



1. This evening I stumbled upon a VERY strange phenomenon in my said WOE when doing a SEAD Msn in Germany (CE Terrain with a default GermanyCE.CAT). I was expecting to see lots of NATO's or US Army's latest (at least 1990a and late 80s I DL-ed already) battle Tanks. To my not unpleasant surprise there were some 10 or 12 PATROL BOATS climbing a HILL!!! Not far from them were DC-8 or 9 civilian aircrafts PARKED, so many of them heading downward!!!


2. As stated by me elsewhere in my increasing posts :grin:, I have the IsraelME (latest mod from here) Terrain in WOE. I was in Anti_Ship Msn, set the Sea on High so the Wave Effect could be seen so good mate!


Then there were three FRIGATEs to smash! No luck till the end since I was dead four times in my four tries! Those USN TomCats and USAF F-15D were real killers tho I flew at last my Su-27 TNI that carried a total of 12 AHMs! Plus three "modded (by me)" AGM-65Ks that shoot planes!


Problem was/is: I cannot find the Frigate files anywhere in the Ground Objects of my WOE nor in bmp or inis of IsraelMe Terrain???? No files Hidden Wrench.


I know I know I MUST re-install FRESH the WOE. No problem but space-wise in my meager HDD of just 80Gigs, for I keep my WOE CD and, thank God, the DVD Drive works now. As said, my current-yet-not perfect WOE has reached a total of TEN GB!


Therefore, I re-installed a fresh WOE in Dir-C under Program for just 0.9GB. I am DL-ing still the required Oct. 08 Update for it as well as the latest WeapPack.


Thanks Wrench, hope u understand my gibberish English, is it???


Pardon m typos here and there....

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Waaaaay too much gibberish, and other unneeded details. Was there a question hiding in ther I missed??? (other than the paskopak one?)


The pasko pak works with all versions of all the games ... just make sure the individual inis for the ground objects have the 'newer' (well, for 06 and later) lines in them Exmaple (albeit this the older pakso versio of the HAWK radar:



ObjectFullName=Hawk CWAR



coverd in the KB, under the "What Available Thread"


as to, what little sense I can make out of the post, i'd say your install is borked. Uninstall it COMPLETELY, and start fresh.



kevin stein

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Guest Eject

See? My English is such confusing bla-bla-nla. OK, let me cut it brief"

1. I have done ur suggestion Fresh-Install WOE but keep the baaaaaaad one intact in different Dir. BTW, The Sea in GermanCY is now comparable with that in IsraelMe Terr.

2. As soon as I patched and update the gresh install, I browsed the GROUND OBJECT sub-dir. What?! In there, by default, I saw only folders of grnd objct.


This confused me a bit as I read a number of time, that some MOD of Grnd Objct. modders advised that players do this (to several Mods): 1. EXTRACT the CONTENTS of downloaded add-on folder, and put them (some inis n bmps) in the Ground Object Folder. So I just did that.


Besides, they also wrote in text format some Weapons Data of said new add-ons to copy/paste into WEAPONDATA in the WEAPON. No problem, I did that too.


3. Now, why the Ground Objects the Stock ones I mean, in the Fresh Install are only in Folders forms, and the CONTENTS of the individual Folders NOT extracted and placed in the same place GROUND OBJECTS???


4. I must again DL from here the FRIGATE for I just messed it around in my old, current WOE (not the fresh install) that they (three of them and super!) no more show up in m Anti_Ship MSN, yet they appeared in the rdr s Primary Targets.


The had been there before. Why the disappeared, yet indicated on the radar as Primary Target, because I just extracted (in the same Ground Object sub-dir) the contents of the Frigate Folder in the same sub-dir Grnd Objct.


Please bear with me, since I do not see any how-to about it here. Perhaps, I just missed if there have been an such topics.


I shall get back later. Thanks Wrench.

Edited by Eject

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