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Crazy homemade gyrocopter

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Guest Eject



This si the coolest kid on the block!


Saw the mini ad of such small chopper we can buy the kits in the States, in Popular Mechanic mag in the USA.


Yet, I prefer to have one of this here. There's a "weaponized" version for the milly guys, with FOUR small rockets! Back Pack Powered (square-parachute with 11 cells) is even much better! When u run out of gas you simply glide to the earth. Max alt. 4K meters!


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Wow, takes a lot of faith and gonads the size of basketballs to do that. Thats just like a time machine, back to orville and wilbur in Indiana.

He as getting a little cocky there at times(notice the one finger hold on the collective), but then Ive heard that certain aircraft take a very light touch and dont respond well to being hamhanded.

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