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Nato Fighter and Weapon PAck compatibility ?

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Hello everybody

sorry for my poor english :)


my question is :

Nato Fighter and Weapon Pack compatibility ?


i want add too my nato package some craft like the M2000 an TU128 and F8's


thx for the answer

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Guest rscsjsuso5

i believe u are using woe patch latest and nato fighters 1-4 and its respective weapon pack for series 1 . u need to consult kb. i also believe that yes u can add those aicrafts but for single mission create only . if would be a some what huge project if u want to us it in a mission file or campagin . for those aircrafts just put in aircraft folder and fly away in single created mission make sure your loadout correct and consult your weapon pack ini file for info to manually search for weapon name. for compatib yes its compat.


u a new member so welcome

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ok thanks a lot for your answer

i use WOE + last patch + NATO FIGHTER 1 TO 4

i don't add an "weapon pack for series 1" what is it ? and where is it ?


yes i use for single mission and i already add the weapon for TU128, easy to do juste 4 type of missile and it's includ in the ZIP file!

but for the M2000C it's not the same things :( the tank are missing ! and the modder use for build it the M2000-5 and i don't thind it :(


thx for your welcome :)

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I'm pretty sure the series 1 NATO Fighters 1-4 includes all the applicable weapons for that scenario and aircraft. if you add any aircraft for single mission, you will need to add those weapons using the weapons editor for Series 1. Those won't show up in the campaign play but will for single mission.

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