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  1. AMX-30

  2. F4D-1 Skyray

  3. File Name: F4D-1 tank invisbility sole File Submitter: Wotano File Submitted: 31 Jan 2010 File Updated: 31 Jan 2010 File Category: Single Ordnance Files use this file if, like me you have a prob with the invisible tank put the ini in your \Objects\Weapons\ folder Click here to download this file
  4. F-9J Cougar

    does some ona as tank ???? named Tank150_Cougar
  5. so no tank ??? thats made a time now :)
  6. Version


    use this file if, like me you have a prob with the invisible tank put the ini in your \Objects\Weapons\ folder
  7. ok thanks for your help i have some weapon ini to tweak :)
  8. ok thanks a lot for your answer i use WOE + last patch + NATO FIGHTER 1 TO 4 i don't add an "weapon pack for series 1" what is it ? and where is it ? yes i use for single mission and i already add the weapon for TU128, easy to do juste 4 type of missile and it's includ in the ZIP file! but for the M2000C it's not the same things :( the tank are missing ! and the modder use for build it the M2000-5 and i don't thind it :( thx for your welcome :)
  9. Hello everybody sorry for my poor english :) my question is : Nato Fighter and Weapon Pack compatibility ? i want add too my nato package some craft like the M2000 an TU128 and F8's thx for the answer
  10. yes realy good :) thank's :) the information, i found on the net AN22 Length/Longueur : 6.24 m Diameter/Diamètre maximum : 0.78 m Weigth/Poids : 1435 kg Power/Puissance 70 kilotonnes <<<< for AN22 Power/Puissance 60 kilotonnes <<<< for AN11 picture and more here http://anfas.free.fr/anm22.html externaly the AN11 and AN22 are the same for the problem of fuel tanks do you have fuel in intern in the aircraft ? sorry i'm a big noob in moding :)
  11. maybe with the meters size reference on this blueprint, AN11 +/- 6 Meters

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