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Downed a Fokker Dr.1, then landed my burning N 28

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2nd Lieutenant Dennis Marlowe, 27th Aero, Toul, June 2, 1918


To all you guys in the "Dodge City Peace Commission",

especially Wyatt, who'd wish his family name was Earp


You guys over there wouldn't believe it - lookin' at my map, this France and Germany

together aren't much bigger than Texas! And Europe is much more crammed with

towns and farms; here's nothing like the prairie of Kansas. Even the sky seems lower.


But when you fly, boy, that is a different matter! When the war is over, I'll buy me a crate

like this and open a flying postal service in Kansas!

Five days ago we arrived at Marseille - a big harbour here, but no comparison to New york.

Some hot dark tanned girls there; a pity we only had one eve.


And now I had my first dogfight! Near the front A-flight got jumped at from high above by

Fokker Triplanes. We where much lower then; it took me ages to get up there. But then

the German came down to chase Wally Zinn, while I was trying to get my craft under control

again. A twitchy witch, you know? And there he was, right in front of me. Ridiculously small,

that craft, that the Red Devil was flying too. But when you see them going up and down

and round and round - boy, those Huns know to fly and fight!

But now he was in front of me! Climb, Wally, climb! I thought, cause then I would get him

perfectly. And Wally did! My bursts went right into his engine and cockpit.

He spiralled down steep and crashed. Simple as that! Don't know how I did it, which is bad,

cause I'd like to repeat it!

But another German got me badly then. My engine damaged, petrol leaking out, craft partly

on fire, I had to land dead stick and just only made it out alive. It burnt down completely!


When you are one year older, you could come over here and join my bunch - a lovely crew

with great humour! Try to get flying lessons! That would keep you from the trenches!

And later, you can all join in to my "Kansas Flying Post Company" - what do you all say?

Please write back - I miss you already.


Howdy! Dennis



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Right, JimAttrill - my real family name is Mahlo. :good:

(spelled like your English Marlowe)

Edited by Olham

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Wow! You lucky dog Olham....you got the expansion already.....just ordered mine. Annnnd now the waitiiiiiiiiinggggggg.



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Wooops....Duh!! Its a download so "Nooooo Waiting"!! Woohoo.


As an aside, once you've downloaded it and it says you uave "three downloads left"....does this mean three more times you can do so? Or am I missing something?




Ps, Nice shots of the N-28 Olham....my mouth is watering already!!grin.gif

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You can make three download attempts.

If they should all fail, you must send a mail to support@overflandersfields.com

Winder guaranteed you will get your data definitely.


If you choose the insurance AVANGATE offer, you can download as often as you want for two years.

But that costs extra (8,40 Dollar I think).

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Guest British_eh

Absolutely Brilliant writing Olham. Just got around to it now. And, pretty fair shooting too!





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2nd Lieutenant Dennis Marlowe, 27th Aero, Toul, June 4, 1918


Dear mum and dad


We are flying in wonderful wheather here, and the landscape is so nice, I think you two should

travel to France after the war - it's lovely.

Today I went up together with my new friends Alec Royce, Steve Coolidge and Abner Mosley.

We had a patrol south west of Verdun. On the way to the area, we saw four German fighters

doing a ground attack. Jerry Vasconell's flight was ahead, and when we reached the fighting,

the boys had already "smoked" two of the Huns.

But I was lucky, I spotted one far aside of the fight, and approached it. It was an Albatros,

a beautiful bird, with a yellow fuselage and a black spiral band around it; rudder fin and the

elevator where striped black and white. I will never forget, how good it looked, when it filled

my windshield. But I fired some good bursts into it, and it seemed to shake from the hits.


The pilot looked round at me - I think he hadn't seen me coming. He turned a 180° so tight, that

I could not follow, and now he ran towards good Abner. But Abe didn't fire! He flew towards

the German and me, as if he didn't see the guy!

To wake him up, and to get the Albatros to break, I had to fire, risking to hit Abe, but what

else could I do? Only now, Abe fired at the breaking left German. Phew - that was close!


You must know, on the ground, Abner Mosley is the friendliest and most funny bloke I ever met.

He works for the "Jack Daniels" whiskey destillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and he talks

and acts verrrrry slow, you know, you could resole his boots, while he's walking. When the boys

are together, he can tell wonderful stories in a most pleasant, heartwarming way, and everyone

likes him like a brother. But as a fighter pilot he often doesn't seem to realise all the fast things

going on around him. I must really have an eye on him; wouldn't want to miss him, you know?


But back to my Albatros - it got slower and pulled a thin smoke trail. I had to fly a full circle

to get behind the guy again, when I saw Alec Royce in perfect firing line behind the Hun.

But then he saw me coming round, and he let me have him! Alec is a real friend surely!


Well, and so I shot down my first Albatros D.Va, west of Vaucouleur aerodrome. Tonight, I'll have

to buy the drinks! But here Abner will come in quite helpful; I'm a bit short right now, and he got

a box with Tennessee whiskey sent by the "Jack Daniels" crew, and he promised to open it for me.

He was glad I had fired at the German - he wouldn't have seen him, hidden by his upper wing;

he only saw me firing. So we'll have a nice party tonight.


I hug you all - Dennis



Edited by Olham

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