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info from winder

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ran accross this thread from winder




It seems to indicate there are mp problems with new planes, but we tested all of them the other day, and I didnt see anything wrong, but then i didnt make the effort to see if i saw each and everyone of the addon aircraft.


he also refers to a nameing restriction which accounts for the strutter problem in mp. Maybe thats something we can fix on our own. Not sure if this is the same problem that we get with the 2gun tripe and the n17 lewis. The lewis is the worse of them all,,as it seems to just cause the game to ctd, whereas the stutters and tripe are just invisible planes with wierd lables.

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We had problems with the new Lewis armed Nieuport (can't remember which one) online. Usual problem, nobody but me (the host) could see it.


Vasco :pilotfly:

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hmmm,,,ok...did the label show up screwy like the strutters? I had thout i had put all the planes into my mission,,,maybe i missed that one.


yep..missed it,,and your right,,no plane,,no label..not tac,,,nudding


and if you try and fly it (joiners)..game crashes

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