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Graphics sometimes light green not white

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Hi all, I have an ASUS EAH4670 graphics card that sometimes in the last week shows light green instead of white. This occurs in the POST and from then on which means it cannot be a driver problem.


I have fixed it three times now by switching the pooter off, removing and replacing the card.


Is it possible that it may be the mob and not the graphics card?


Also I am running 2 x SATA and 2 x IDE hard drives and a SATA CD, off a 350w ps. Could there not be enough power for this lot?

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Tell us more about your computer.

CPU (type), how many RAM sticks, USB devices, fans or any PCI addon card.

350 might be in the edge. But what is the brand and amp in the 12V.


I don't believe it's mobo problem. But it can be a problem with your graphic card.

How are the temps? Have you clean the fan?

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I am running an AMD 5200+ oc 10% and 3Gb Memory. The temps of the CPU are always < 60c. It has a std AMD fan, and the psu has a fan. There are two case fans which are not connected because of the noise. I don't think this is a temp problem because it occurs from cold boot.


I have dusted off the fan on the graphics card. Not much dust, it was fitted in July.


The pooter has been ok now for 2 days....


I do have a older ASUS EAH3450 gpu which I can swop in. This would check the mobo I reckon.

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