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question about bhah

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hi there guys


just recieved my OFF BHaH yesterday.


so im still in practice mode,...


but here is my question, i see when i look OFF movies on youtube, pilots with a accurate view( following enemy aircraft etc).

Did you guys use the default view settings ( numerical) or did you adjust it in your own way

What is the best way?

I ve also got First eagles (who doesn´t) and in first eagles i can move my view position by moving my mouse.

And i realy like that feature in First Eagles is this also possible in OFF ?


and how do i have to do ( adjust) that?


thanks for helping


regards from holland



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Google Track IR (TiR), from NaturalPoint. good.gif



Hi Dutchie,


Welcome to OFF, the OFF Community and a new world of WWI Air combat.


As Siggi points out, those videos are filmed using a TrackIR headset, which is a must with any Flight Sim, especially OFF.


Check them out and other variants through Google.


When you get a change, take a look at the OFF's Pilot location maps in the stickies and post to Olham where you live in Holland.


All the best,




PS.. CORNHOLEIO!!! Bevis and Butthead ruled the 90's!

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