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  1. some help needed

    okay thanx everybody have to do some patching i asume my game is shiny new so no patches installed. Going to try that first, i think i can get the patches on the off website,or can i get them over here? regards pascal.
  2. some help needed

    hi there , eeehm how do i have to do that? Wich menu or file do i have to open please write it down step by step i m not that into the system. regards pascal.
  3. dear fellow combatants, i have a question, when i am doing a campaign, sometimes i have to fly for very long time to achieve turn around point or a mission goal. So to make total time a bit shorter i enter warping mode, almost every time when i am in warping mode my aircraft breaks (structural damage i think) up and is my pilot death. This also when I enters quick combat mode, i have to start at the field, because when starting in the air my plane automaticly breaks up resulting in death of pilot. So i´am at my 70th pilot in my 8 weeks OFF career! There has to be an other way, so please help. Regards pascal,
  4. hi guys, here i´am again when i had OFF installed. my virus scan (AVG)continuesly reports a file that is dangerous for the computer ... topperGEN i believe. i know that this file is for my OFF game but my wive doesnt know that so she selected the option remove file a couple of times. Resulting for me to remove an install the game more than 5 times in the three weeks that i´ve got it now. But now by removing it for the last time, i cant get it proper installed anymore. When it is installed a can´t start the game, there is no icon on my desktop. so thats the reason for my question if there is a installation limiter on the disk? ( i hope not) regards from HOLLAND
  5. Hi guys everybody a happy new year! still practicing with OFF, but yesterday i saw the light i downed my first victim it was in QC but i cant see it in my pilot dossier,confirmed kills. Am i doing something wrong? how can i claim one? i was pretty proud for it also because i shot all my rounds at him. thanx regards pascal.
  6. hi there guys just recieved my OFF BHaH yesterday. so im still in practice mode,... but here is my question, i see when i look OFF movies on youtube, pilots with a accurate view( following enemy aircraft etc). Did you guys use the default view settings ( numerical) or did you adjust it in your own way What is the best way? I ve also got First eagles (who doesn´t) and in first eagles i can move my view position by moving my mouse. And i realy like that feature in First Eagles is this also possible in OFF ? and how do i have to do ( adjust) that? thanks for helping regards from holland Dutchie
  7. hi guys I,ve purchased over flandersfields between heaven and hell It should be here within 2 weeks but here is my problem my computer (notebook) does have all the requerements needed. Except for one thing and thats the videocard Nvidia geforce go 7300 128mb Will this be a unplayable game for me ? I remember it coud take up to 400mb ht videocard but not sure about that. I like ww1 flying games so i hope it will work Rise of flight is to much for my system and i think the history and effectiveness of OFF BHH is better regards and thanx for help dutchie
  8. playing online

    hey da spungie did almost al what you ve said exept for the rename thing why is that? and where in the hyperlobby gamelist can i find first eagles. My il-2 forgotten battles version 4.09b1m doesnt work on hyperlobby thank hope to see you guys soon up in the air regards dutchie
  9. hi guys, Im pretty new up here, purchased First eagles about three months ago. Gettin a bit tired from the standart goldpack aircraft so i downloaded a bunch from here. i downloaded my favourite plane the nie-17 , but it looks like a total disaster in first eagles. Let me explain why in the real the nie-17 and the albatros dIII were almost egual to eachother. So the nie-17 from the game have to be much more manouvrable than it now is now it is as nimble as a fokker eindecker. Went something wrong on the download, or is this normal in first eagles? And the second question WERE CAN I PLAY ONLINE, AND HOW? thanx very much for your help and hope te see you guys soon up in the air . regards dutchpride

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