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Okay someone explain...

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Okay finally got to spend a day playing Hat in the Ring. Had a day off ill so dragged myself to the old PC and fired up OFF Hat in the Ring and promptly created new pilot with 10 RNAS (I think) flying the trusty Sopwith Strutter and my first sortie was a scramble and madness ensued as my usual nemisis was in there Berthold (Cant remember his surname) and I finally shot him down into the sea but this didn't stop him as I circled over him my rear gunner was blasting away with all his might... eventually he blew up on the ground... Anyway second flight I got into another over water fight and the same happened...




this time I had other plank wing eindeckers screaming around and all I managed to do was get into another fight and drifted away but managed to get a pic as above. Got back to base and it was reported as no kill no claim form or anything... now this has happened a couple of times now... shoot them down into the channel and they survive... and float around they even shoot at you if you fly in front of them :blink:


Also came back from one mission and found that the airfield had turned into a train station...




Any ideas ??? or is this the old CFS3 rearing its ugly head???


Also my poor wingman got blown to bits I watched him explode by a flak shell and I got back no mention just the poor guy is now on leave... even though I watched the remains of his plane go in from 5000ft...


Anyway love the new wind effects as my shooting is even worse :lol:


and as to the scenery nice...


Might have posted this to the wrong place...

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"I've never been lost. I've been significantly disoriented at times." good.gif



Bumper sticker on a car I saw at Pope AFB, NC in the late 70's: "I may be lost, but I'm making GREAT TIME!!!"...car had Hawaii liscense plates. lol.gif

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