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    A Small Planet in the Crab Nebula...
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    Okay Interests Aviation from the rickiest Crate to the most advanced flying thingy.... Motorbike's fixing them and most especially riding them... Military history... going to new and interesting places and finding the best local food... hmmm food

    And my favourite interest is a Good meal with friends with good wine talking about everything and anything...


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  1. Hey DA I lurk nowadays just a serious lack of time due to work which has screwed me over... we got hit with the major Trojan/Virus thing back end of June wiped everything out at work so fun and games all round...
  2. Been a long time since I have played or even checked in on what is happening was a bit of a slap from TW ditching the PC guys who got them going... might have to do a reinstall and have a nostalgic fly around...
  3. Northop F-5E Tiger II

  4. Shenyang J-6 Pack

  5. Buccaneer RAF for SF2

  6. Buccaneer FAA for SF2

  7. Buccaneer Mk50 SAAF for SF2

  8. Anatolia Project v2

  9. AV-8B Harrier II plus

  10. Greetings...

    Greetings guys and girls after a long time away due to health issues I am back, 2 bout's of serious pneumonia 8 month's off work along with long stays in the hospital sort of take it out of you and along with other lung problems not a really pleasant past year or so. Hope everyone is fine in here and that you are all doing well... To help me get better I bought 2 new toys a new PC and this... Has only done 9300km's is in A1 condition and FECK Fast does not cover it!!! Anyhew take care you hoopy froods and have fun out there... Off to start redownloading everything...
  11. Israel shoots down Syrian Jet

    Be more impressive if they use a .50 cal Barrett rifle attached to a glider...

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