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Looking for gunners facing sideways and laying down

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Since I'm working on bombers I'm trying to populate then so they don'y look so sterile. I found a rear facing gunner, but I need sideways facing gunners for the waist positions. Has anyone created any? Also for the gondolas of the Ju88's and Fw 200's I need some lying down.


Been working on a lot of sims, but I think there is a way to tie a gunner to a turret in SF so the gunner faces the direction the turret is facing?


BTW, Strike Fighters is flying the AvHistory Bomber Flight model nicely, I'm really pleased with the results. Still need to do some updates for the AI, but they are still fun to watch.


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Capun's got some prone gunners, as used on the Judy (?), the TBF/TBM and maybe some others. I don't think anyone has made a waist gunner yet.


New 'gunner figure' lods/bmps would need a 3d guy to create them, then placed via data ini edits. What I don't know, is if you'd need 2 models - for right and left, or just a facing statement in the data ini. Alternativly, and I've seen this too, the gunner model is physically built into the aircraft lod (methinks FE does this, or some addons for FE/SF series do this as well -- the DATs TBD's rear gunner is a seperate mesh, iirc, mapped seperatly from the aircraft) This also allows him to move the flex gun/turret movements


So, in essence, new figures need creation



kevin stein

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