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1. Can anybody give me a rough guide on the RWR on the phantom in WOV? What sound does it make whem someone has a lock as opposed to just a search pattern? How to I tell signal strength to estimate distance?


2. At the bottom of http://forum.combatace.com/topic/52493-recon-mission-tactics/page__p__382527__hl__rwr__fromsearch__1&?do=findComment&comment=382527, Viper6 mentions and ini tweak that will let the AI get low to the ground. Does anyone have any more information?



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Guest rscsjsuso5

don't know if it helps but to tryto answer your question


1. http://www.thirdwire.com/man/wov/wings_over_vietnam.htm and about rwr these sounds are as follows irgrowllock, irgrowl, rwrtracksound, and rwrlocksound all these sounds file should be in sounds folder pertaining to rwr. base sounds


2. consult with the originial topic/post i don't have a clue , i bet it has to do with the avionics file for the aircraft that u must edit.


enjoy your week

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If I remember correctly In WoV Flying the Linebacker II missions My RWR would beep slowly and the blips would still be on the outer ring of the RWR if I was being tracked once a SAM was fired the beeping would speed up and the blip on the RWR would now be in the inner ring of the RWR. I'm still schearching for that .ini edit that allows your wingie/flight to fly low with you

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