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Landing On Ships

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I just wondered if you plan the let planes land on ships in special cases. Like if you are low on fuel and can't make it to the carrier, you can report that to your controller and he will vector you to a nearby frigate.

If I remember correctly, some Sea Harriers landed on the Fearless in San Carlos Water after they run short of fuel on their CAPs. In the book "Sea Harrier over the Falklands" Ward discribes how he discussed "plan B" with the controller of the Fearless while they were chasing a Hercules into the west. Eventualy they had enough fuel after the mission to fly back to the carrier directly, but I think other planes refueled there sometimes.


Yet another question btw, do you plan to have extra procedures to enter San Carlos Water ? IIRC every plane was shot upon that entered the landing zone without guidiance or flying tough corridores.

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