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Modding is fun and a labor of love for most. The community benefits from modders work, and the lifespan of games is prolonged. This is a "win win" for all parties involved.


It seems the SFP-1 Community is starting to build their own "Deck of Cards" and is up to a Ace of Spades (GT), and the lowly 2 of Clubs (Ranger332) being the latest edition of the hall of shame "Deck o Cards"...


I see that some are saying they will be posting their mods and they will be passworded (do you really want people emailing you to unlock a mod? Do you really think that the password will not get into his hands if it is a "public" release?), and I see that an additional model F-86 mod will not be released. Yet again the few (being our two of clubs) is ruining it for the many.


The best thing I think of is to keep modding and releasing what you can. Will it turn up on the other site? Likely...will he change a skin slightly and call it his own work? Maybe...


The only reasonable action I can think of is the modder with his "release" include a readme file. In that readme file you can say what you want. Warn the user of your file (which is your audience and his...) about the two of clubs (do not give the link to his site, it will only provide him more traffic), encourage a voluntary boycott of known plagerized work from his site. In your readme file also include sites that you approve of for obtaining your SFP-1 mods, and any considerations you desire (such as a do not modify and rerelease without approval from the origional author).


In a nutshell, the best defense is public knowledge. This is would be through your readme files, after all the target audience is the same for all parties involved (end users of public mods).


The best message board defense is to simply ignore him and threads pertaining to them.


By all means though keep the mods coming, because modding is what its all about. Don't let the one ruin it for the all.




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Good advice, Beer!


Call me naive - I understand that some people steal, cheat and lie, but why? I find skinning fun, but I wouldn't take pleasure in claiming other people's work as my own!

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