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The Risen Phoenix Clan Recruiting

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We are the Risen Phoenix Clan – Battlefield Division


We are currently actively recruiting for players who wish to be a part of our Battlefield Bad Company 2 Division. We left the Battlefield seen some time ago, however we are actively seeking dedicated players, and we will have our own server. We will be participating in multiple tournaments and other events that are put on through other websites within the Battlefield Community.


If squad play, team work and fun are what you are looking for then you’ve come to the right place. Our mission statement for those that are interested is as followed:


1. To engage in fair and impartial combat in all available arenas


2. Treat all competitors w/ respect and fair play


3. We accept and are multi gender clan (Men, Women - Zero Tolerance on Harassment)


4. We are an PC Only Clan




5. Minimum Age | 18+ Older


6. Voice | Voip | TeamSpeak 3 |


7. $1 Donation for Server Cost (Not Required – but helpful)


Instructions on Join us:


Register on the website | you will be approved, within 6-12hrs |Once Approved you will be asked to fill out an application | Your Application will be evaluated by other RPHX BC2 Division Leaders | Then you will receive an formal or denial letter.


Contact: Brig General Frag | Marine Force Gen Jaketh


Join The Risen Phoenix Clan Today





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