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What In The Hell Are Them Idiots Thinking?

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Is it just me or has them washington idiots been smoking the weed? They send our men to a foreign land which hates our fithy stinking guts,our way of life or goverment and our God. They send warrors to war in this land of devils, but when they arrive they say not to kill the enemy but be good to him , rebuild his citys feed him so he will be strong and come to your home and kill your loved ones! I might be politicaly incorrect but A dead enemy never killed anybody! Our armed forces are for killing people and breakin things.

The armed forces is A important and necessary tool but it must be used in right way. I dont give A rats ass about the people how wish me or my loved ones harm,foreign or domestic! sound off out there.

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**had a nice big reply, yet decided rum was talking and feared being banned...**


However, our Armed Forces are a great deal more than for just killing folks and breaking things. Perhaps you should...as I'm doing...let the alcohol wear off. Cheers!

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