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  1. What anti-virus do you use?

  2. Member "Rank"

    Hehe, gotta love the country life! Got the house in the country of my dreams and I knew I'd have to give up fast internet. Can't have everything I guess. ;) Good to be back!
  3. I haven't been around for awhile because I moved to the country and have crappy internet service. The site looks good with the changes, but I'm having a slight problem with member rankings under the avatars. It might be cool for most, but I'm real world BTDT and still doing that. I'm a "Senior Member" (#24) on this site, and have been given SMSgt (Air Force Senior Master Sgt) stripes next to my avatar. As a serving Air Force member in the Air National Guard I've only earned E-6 Technical Sgt (TSgt-5 stripes) and haven't come close to earning the 7 stripes or two grades required for a SMSgt ranking. If this is the way things will stay for the majority then it is what it is. I'll live with it, but just wanted you to know I'm not comfortable with it. Don't go changing due to one member's complaint...just wanted to voice my opinion. :)
  4. Iraq wants it MiGs back!

    Block 15 F-16s are "old school"...but I think the Dutch are still getting their feet wet with them. A year ago I sent a perfectly good battle proven block 25 to the boneyard...along with 16 others, and block 30s are getting ready to go. Items up for bid... :)
  5. No BUFFS, but we have 4 KC-135s from Grissom at our ANG base while they tear up and repair the runways at GUS. Any 135s at WP?
  6. What did you do in World War II daddy?

    My Grandfather was an airplane mechanic (like me) in the Army Air Corps during WWII. He earned a Purple Heart during the attack on Pearl Harbor by getting shrapenal in his back side. He never talked about anything to the family because he lost alot of friends that day. He did retire from the Army after serving in Germany (post WWII) and in the Korean War where he worked on helicopters and observation aircraft, and passed away around 1982 from cancer.
  7. I never understood why they shut the Bronco down to begin with. At the time they decomissioned them, the A-10 was supposed to be decomissioned too...and then GW1 happened. A-10s bought new life and then some while the Bonco gave up the ghost. I know the NW USA uses Broncos for fire spotting but they should be given another shot. Had the 27 TASS OV-10s at George AFB, CA while I was active duty. Pretty sad when all F-4s, OV-10s, and the freaking base goes bye bye...makes me feel a little old....hehe.
  8. Workhorse Viper headed for the Smithsonian!

    Actually any block F-16 can be converted quickly and easily to combat configurations in a very short time. About the longest part of the conversion from TB to combat would be how long it takes the paint to dry.
  9. Workhorse Viper headed for the Smithsonian!

    Sweet! A jet I worked on a time or two is going to be in the Smithsonian! I'm in the 122FW (IN ANG) and we've been to Iraq twice with VT ANG. We've had this jet (83-1165) in Ft Wayne a couple times, I spent a week with the VT ANG in VT as they sent their maintenance folks ahead to Iraq in 07, and then worked on her a couple times in Iraq. It was a pretty big deal when she hit 6,000 hours in Iraq in 2005. My jet, 84-1394 only has 5,200 hours...and is now sitting at the boneyard retired.
  10. Break up of United States?

    Other than those crazy Texans...the US is still solid. We've never listened to any Russians...and especially not to some Communist News Network (CNN) reporter to decide what's right or even true.

    Congratulations! It must be that time of the year. Five days ago I sewed on E-6 Tech Sgt.
  12. F1 2008 mods

    If it's rFactor files from rFactorcentral I just hold my mouse over one of the d/l links and it tells me where it's linked to. I usually look for the File Front ones first. If it brings up a Mega or Rapid then I click it and wait. Those sites only allow one or two d/ls a day though.
  13. Definately some guys from George and Spang from the F-4 side who were in DS in attendence. I imagine they may even know your old man. A lot of the guys though were the original project designers and pilots/bears who flew the first missions in the F-100F and then the F-105G. So far the only F-16CJ guys we've seen were invited to brief the old guys on the newer technology. Maybe they don't feel so much a part of the WW legacy...who knows.
  14. F1 2008 mods

    Wow, never had any trouble with Rapidshare or Megaupload other than having to wait 90 seconds to start. I do find myself looking more for FileFront links nowdays...no wait and fast downloads. Good luck!
  15. Our next big reunion is scheduled for 2011 and we're looking at possibly San Antonio or Vegas since the last two reunions were at WPAFB (every 3 years). If I go I can bring a friend (wife isn't into it at all). Too early to make plans now. I made the last two reunions because WPAFB is only a 2.5 hour drive for me. Dave, way cool getting Leo's autograph. He's definately one cool cat!

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