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Great AI dogfight experience in FE2

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TK has made changes to the AI in the FE2 patch. Subtle, but very nice.


They use throttle better. Good for the AI generally, but problem for mine - they zoom around quicker. But easily fixed. They are also better shots!


The AI flying a long time with damaged engines isn't gone, but far far better and a nice balance, and some do nice forced landings, seems improved. They don't appear to fight back as previously without working engines, they either just concentrate on a forced landing or fly off and crash - but lose height quicker than before, hence crash faster. Minor improvements, but they make a difference.


But my great AI experience? Well I have never had a good dogfight once you get to 300-400ft. The AI gives up. It seems TK has improved this. I started the dogfight against an Alb D2 in a Spad 7 at 3000ft, went down to 300ft over 5 mins (the Alb D2s tend to dive to get out of trouble), and as always, I thought it was over as it usually is.


Not so. I peppered the Alb D2 at first thinking I would finish him off, but it then climbed to 600-700ft (never happened before to me, unless I left it alone or coerced it to go back up), I followed, and the Alb started attacking me again.


This was repeated several times for 5 mins or more, and I was finally shot me by the Alb diving from 400ft at me at 200ft - unusual too, maybe never seen this either.


It was great - partly because this has never happened before, and partly because it was a lot of fun having a tough dogfight at tree top level (well, tall tree top level).


TK has made a number of improvements with FE2. Apart from the graphics, all subtle, but it is indeed a major improvement over FE1.


If you like or play FE a lot, definitely get FE2.

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