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Keeping saved pilots

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I'm about to re-format my pc but i need to keep my current pilots in OFF so when i reinstall i can put them back in and carry on the war. i really dont want to lose them, especially my german jasta5 pilot with 39 confirmed kills and 5 medals. Can someone tell me how i can save the pilot files and put them back in when i reinstall OFF.

Many thanks

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Something I'd like to know too.

You have to save the "pilots" folder: (Your game folder) > campaigns > CampaignData > pilots

You also must save the "unlimitedpilots.xml" file, which is:


1) in the sim's main folder




2) on the C: driver under your name; under: AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields


Make sure to save and replace each of them, were they are (cause they may not be identical).


This is as much as I know. My last attempt failed, cause I forget to save the file on the C: drive.

If anyone else knows another thing, please tell.


And hughesyman - I cannot give you any guarantees that this was all.

I do believe so, but I'm not sure.

If you have done it, and it worked, please report; this time I'll write it down then.

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Don't know about the 'unlimited pilots' file, but what I've done is:


Go to your OBDSoftware/CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields/campaigns/CampaignData/Pilots folder

Save all three files PilotXClaims, PilotXDossier, PilotXLog (X being the number...and note that the first pilot in your game is Pilot2 in the folder, the second is Pilot3, etc)

After you've reformatted and reinstalled the game you manually enlist the pilot again then replace the new files in the Pilots folder with the saved ones. If you decide not to carry any over make sure you rename the files appropriately (i.e. if you decide not to bring back your third pilot and move your fourth up you'll have to rename the Pilot5 files Pilot4).


There may be a quicker way that doesn't require you to re-up each pilot, but I've used the above method and it works.

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Also, as Computers are one of the great mysteries of the world it probably wouldn't harm to do some sort of Pilot file rain dance or sacrifice an old RAM card at the altar of PC wizardry.

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