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  1. My new Joystick!

    Hi, I'm back at Uni again, but I can have a look tommorrow when I head back home. For tech questions it might be a good idea to contact John Fellows at spitsim@yahoo.co.uk especially as mine was a prototype so he might have made changes to the ones available now, he was able to answer all the questions I had anyway.
  2. My new Joystick!

    Here are some pictures with the cover removed from the base: (Note MacGyvered elastic band application. )
  3. My new Joystick!

    Hi chaps, sure - I can take a pic of it naked *ooh laa laa* but it won't be until at least tuesday unfortunately as I'm at Uni at the moment and the stick is at home. It took a while to get used to having a longer stick with more 'throw' compared to a standard desk joystick, in so much as you have to over exaggerate your movements to get the full range, but after using it for a while I can say it's a lot smoother experience, I have to use a MS Sidewinder 2 at uni and it just doesn't feel as accurate anymore compared to the longer SpitStick. The only issue I've had thus far is some degradation in the three way rubber balance used to keep the stick centred, but it was eaily re-centred with some elastic band application (The one I own is one of the prototypes I believe, so there might be some minor changes between my one and the SpitStick that's available now, which is called 'Edge' now it seems - I think the current one has a feature where you can take the spade grip off and put on an optional pistol grip instead if you want, which I'm not sure if my one has that option, for example.) Also no it doesn't have FFB unfortunately. (Better late than never! )
  4. It's also on Netflix if anyone has that. (Or at least it's on the UK version.)
  5. Merry Christmas, Friends!

    Merry Christmas! - Joyeux Noël! - Frohe Weihnachten! - etc!
  6. For Remembrance Day...

    We will remember them.
  7. Bad weather over the HQ Aerodrome I guess, some can get in, some can't - depends which way the wind blows I suppose, might find a break in the clouds and manage to get down, if not - best revector to another aerodrome for the time being.
  8. Very OT: A nice Coffee Spice

    I'm a milk with no sugar sort of a chap myself!
  9. Rest in Peace

    A good innings, RIP. S!
  10. Very OT: A nice Coffee Spice

    Sounds good Olham - just a shame I can't stand coffee. I don't drink coffee, I take tea my dear.
  11. Gentlemen of the skies

    Personally I prefer to think that if someone is considered to be chivalrous or honourable because of their actions then they should be considered as being a chivalrous or honourable person - the only people that truely know why they acted in the way they did are the people themselves, so any other way of reasoning their actions is just peoples personal opinions - which in some cases might belittle their actions, seeing as honour and chivalry aren't tangible objects.
  12. Gentlemen of the skies

    I'd take the insanity of trying your best to kill someone before lunch and then treating them like your brother after lunch over the insanity of industrial slaughter any day. The soldiers of old that used to line up in fields and fire muskets at eachother would probably think what we call war these days is completely insane as well.
  13. SimQH BLOWS!

    Alright, I'll bite - what's with the QH?
  14. Grapes and Glory...

    Hmm, I wear an Italian designed Fleece with a Seaplane on it, though the Seaplane is a Supermarine S6B, so does that make me only half stlyish?
  15. OT - WW2 Bomb in Munich.

    If only the allies had known to wrap the bombs in straw, the war could have been over by '43!

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