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your help on modifying the stock F-16

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I am trying to experiment on a rough / approximate at first modification of the Netz to an F-16C, starting from new stabilizers and fin. Started the modelling already of those three parts, and i am clueless as to what the options really are and what are the edits needed.


1. For example i saw in a thread here a B52 screen without fin posted by FastCargo, is it possible to remove / replace whole such parts, like fin / stabs with external LODs ? if so ? how ? what are the edits? (eg in this case i would better make the whole fin and replace with it the original, than making only the fin base and weld it on the original fin)

2. FastCargo also mentioned to me that i can stick custom lod models to moving surfaces , but only through the fake weapon approach. in case that the previous option isnt an option that is. How do we "stick" a fake weapon then to a moving / control surface ? (thinking of either extending the original stabs to the C size and shape or have the original stab completely weld and invisible inside the new one)

3. is there a way other than trial error to find the correct cordinates of an lod we want to add as fake weapon/pilot on the aircraft?



and errrr somebody maybe tried all that already and i am planing in vain? LOL


Thanks :)

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In order:


1. Yes, you can remove parts through a data.INI edit. An example:













This will 'hide' the part listed under ModelNodeName. However, the part listed under ParentComponentName must not exist on the LOD. However, you will not be able to use this part for anything else and if it's a moving part, you will not be able to substitute a moving part in it's place. In other words, if you hide the F-16A stabs, you can put an F-16C stab there, but you won't be able to move it at all.


2. To 'attach' a weapon to a moving part, do this:























Note the parts in bold...they determine which part of the model to 'attach' to, and how that part moves. Also, the SpecificStationCode can be used so that no other aircraft can use that particular 'weapon' and that weapon station can only load that particular 'weapon'. You will obviously need a properly matched weapon.


3. Yes, you need to guess, however, this tool can help you:




It was specifically created to allow you to find coordinates on LODs where you don't have access to the original MAX file. It's mounted using the 'FakePilot' method. Use it, take screenshots and that will get you close.




Or, you can wait...various projects are in work.



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