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SF2 Europe Directory Structure

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Hello all,


This is probably a stupid question, but I am trying to add additional aircraft to SF2 Europe, and I am puzzled by the directory structure inside the game.


The directory structure in my version of SF2 (Europe) looks like this;



C:Program Files - Third Wire - Strike Fighters 2 - Objects


Ok, in the objects folder, should there not be additional folders corresponding to the folders in the new aircraft file?


The downloaded aircraft folder has the following folders, - Effects, Objects, Sounds, which are subdivided into other sections for example, in the Objects folder there are a number of folders (Aircraft, Decals, Pilots, Weapons) which also have sub-folders etc.


Thats all fine and dandy, but in the main SF2 directory, there ARE no folders for any of these things, all that is in the Objects folder is a bunch of .dll files and some ObjectData files.


So, how on earth do I install an aircraft package which has a completely different file structure to the host game?





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It`s all located at C:"your sytemname" (not sure how it`S called in english)and so on .. there you will find "options.ini" where are the destination path located ;-)


So you can change it from C:**/strike fighters 2/ , to XY:**/strike fighters 2/ it will create those folders at the next start of the game and you can add stuff like planes.


Important is to change the options.ini in the C: directory.


Had the same prob yesterday, cause haven`t installed it for over 7 month or so ... :-)


hope it helps you a bit

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for XP, you'll find what's been called 'the mods folder', which is actually the main folders for objects/terrains/etc, in "MyDocuments/ThirdWire/name-of-user-/SF2E


in Vista/Winge7, iirc, it's in the SavedGames/ThirdWire or words to that effect


the folders you see in 'ProgramFiles/ThirdWire' are known as the "core install", these be the cats,dlls,exe, etc. The other stuff resides OUTSIDE the ProgramFiles, due to (as I've been given to understand, as I'm an XP user) Vista/7 security stuff.


When you find it, you'll see it's pretty much the same set up as 1stGens, with the exception of some 'missing' folders. So, if you have a skymod that would go into the /Flight folder, you just create a new /Flight folder within 'the mods' folder, and dump the files in there.


Think of it has having a multi-CD changer in your car, the control panel (operational system files) on the dash and the CDs (mods/addons/whathaveyou) in the trunk. You can select your music (missions/aircraft) from the normal panel, but when you want to change the CD magazine (add planes/vehicles/terrains), you'll have to open the trunk to swap them out.

(that's actually a pretty good analogy, ya know!!)


Should be covered in the SF2 Knowledge Base, somewheres in there.



kevin stein

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I've just done a clean install of Wings Over Europe and then applied the October 2008 patch and 4 of the NATO fighters packs.  I now want to add some aircraft from the Downloads section here but I don't have a Mod folder where it should be.  I'm a Windows 7 user so I'm looking in C:/Users/Me/Saved Games.  Shouldn't the folder have been created here the first time I ran the game?  I've modded this game in the distant past but can't remember if i'm doing something obviously wrong.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Wrong forum, if you're asking about 1stGen WoE.

This is the SF2 Forum.


However, having said that, let's see what we can do...


1) on Win7 do NOT use the default to usual C/ProgramFiles...blab balh balh location for install

   Use the ROOT of the C/ drive for 1stGens (C:/Wings Over Europe) (this is covered in the 1stGen Knowledge Base somewhere)


2) 1stGens to NOT create mods folders -- only the SF2 series does, so all your files will be INSIDE you main install (C:\Wings over Europe


3) From this point, assuming no difficulties in installing or moving the game to the root of C, and adjusting the shortcut accordingly, and the game does run (don't forget to reinstall DX9, and it'll probably be needed), you can now start adding mods as described in the readme of your downloads

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