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Europe at War 1962

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Europe at War 1962

Europe at War 1962


Campaign Mod for WOE


by Drakon




2 new Campaigns, 1 for Nato and 1 for the Soviet side.


Playable Nato Nations - USA, West Germany, France, United Kingdom and Denmark.


Playable Soviet Nations - Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia.



New Units Nato (playable)


US Air Force:


Squadron: 45th TFS (F-104C)

Squadron: 55th TFS (F-104C)

And the standart WOE Squadrons with F-105 and F-100.


German Air Force:


Squadron: Jagdgeschwader 71 (F-104G)

Squadron: Jagdbombergeschwader 36 (F-104G)


Denmark Air Force:


Squadron: Eskadrille 727 (F-104G)

Squadron: Eskadrille 727 (F-100D)


Royal Air Force:


Only the Standart WOE Squadrons.



France Air Force:


Only the Standart WOE Squadrons.




New Units Soviet (playable)



Soviet Air Force:


Squadron: 3 IAP (MIG-17)

Squadron: 19 Gv.APIB (MiG-17F)

Squadron: 31 Gv.IAP (MiG-19S)

Squadron: 73 Gv.IAP (MIG-21F13)

Squadron: 582 IAP (MiG-21F)

Squadron: 730 APIB (Su-7BM)


East German Air Force:


Squadron: Jagdgeschwader 8 (Mig-21F13)

Squadron: Jagdgeschwader 7 (Mig-17)


Czechoslovakia Air Force:


Squadron: 211th TS (Mig-21F)

Squadron: 212th TS (MiG-19S)


Polish Air Force:


Squadron: 1st ELT (MiG-19S)





Save the Campaigns, Menu, Sound, Effects and Objects Folder.

Or use the Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler


Extract Europe at War 1962.rar and copy

Campaigns, Menu, Sound, Effects and Objects folder in

your WOE Directory.


Optional Downloads:


Mig-19 Cockpit:



Mig-17 Cockpit:



Su-7 Cockpit:




Good hunting ;)







Thanks to:


column5 - F-104c, F-104G and Mig-21F


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