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Terror Threat Swells At Sea.

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I found this article concerning piracy at sea and its links to terrorists groups. Facsinating reading and a good heads up to a growing problem. Piracy in itself is a serious issue, one in which I had first hand experiance as a sailor back in the early '80's sailing the Western Pacific. The article expands however on the growing links between piracy at sea and terror groups like Al-queda. Take particular note to the NUMBER of attacks just last year which is something like 50% more than the previous year. Note also the intelligence reports concerning a growing "terror fleet" that could be used in an attack against ports, cruise ships, or oil derricks. And while the bulk of attacks have been in Indonesian waters, pirate attacks are now routinely reported in ALL waters, espesially the Caribean. Notice also the comment which made me take notice, of recent plans by a terror group to attack a British Man of War, the HMS Ark Royal! Take a look...


WorldNet Daily.

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This is a report by the International Chamber of Commerce...


Intl Chmbr of Cmmc


Notice that 21 seafarers have lost their lives last year and 71 others are missing. Below is the ICC's weekly piracy report. Read about some of the abortive piracy attempt descriptions. I suspect these are mere local amatuers. Bonafide terrorists would have not likely stopped with mere lights being turned on. Keep in mind too this is only ONE week.


Weekly Piracy Report

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These are the very reports we get via Imarsat C on the ship, usually the host port or nearby country is in on it. Frequently the Ports required rent a cops, are in it also.


9/11 has required strict Ship and Port security rules that are to be in force 1 July 04.


They may help, but it will still be an issue until the hosting Ports and countries aggressively go after the Pirates.




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