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DH-2's of No.32 Squadron

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DH-2's of No.32 Squadron

These install instruction are for First Eagles Gold. For First Eagles 2 install instruction look in the

Combatace First Eagles Forums for assistance.


This download contains a new skin for the DH-2 created by John 'Aladar' Dawson for First Eagles.


I would like to thank John 'Aladar' Dawson for this great model.


And I would like to thank Southside Bucky for sharing his expansive knowledge of the DH-2 colors

and markings.



This new skin for the DH-2 is that of No.32 Squadron from early 1916 to early 1917.




"A" Flight - Black wheel discs with white ring around hub with letter "A" on upper wing.


"B" Flight - White wheel discs with black ring around hub and letter"B" on the upper wing.


"C" Flight - Black wheel discs with a white center hub with letter"C" on upper wing.


The flight leader to all three flights will have a number "1" to the right of the flight letter.

ex. The first aircraft in "A" Flight will have a " A 1" then "A 2" "A 3" etc, etc.



This is all done with decals to create the appearance of multiple skins of No.32 Sqn DH-2's

There is only one main skin included.



Enjoy, quack74




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