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Winston DoRight

Mission briefs for Saturday airship mini-campaign

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Last weekend we flew the first 4 multiplayer missions (shown in red). We'll fly a few more missions starting with No.5 on Saturday and do-overs on Sunday. (Still recruiting for airship gunners)



Briefing for Mission 1


Our highly decorated squadron based at Walmer has been tasked with the protection of our new Airship. We leave at dawn to rendesvous with the R-80 which is enroute to attack a German convoy that was spotted sneaking up the Channel last night. The R-80 will bomb from 10,500 ft altitude where it is safe from AA fire from the enemy ships. Sopwith Pups will escort the R-80. SE5a's will provide top cover and carry bombs to further damage the convoy if possible.

<Intelligence>Flak from the ships is expected to be heavy. Watch out for enemy planes protecting the convoy.


Briefing for Mission 2


We need to damage these convoys more, so this time were also sending in a flight of Short torpedo planes. The Shorts will attack after the R-80 has dropped all it's bombs. SE5a's protect the Shorts, the Pups will escort the R-80.

<Intelligence>Watch out for enemy planes protecting the convoy.


Briefing for Mission 3


We have sunk some ships and are doing so well that Headquarters is impressed with our performance. We are being sent on a special assignment. Were transfering our squadron to Koksijde airfield in France. Takeoff now and get there before dark.


Briefing for Mission 4


Intel has reported that the convoys we've been attacking lately have been unloading their cargo at a shipyard about 12km northwest of Coolkerke airfield. They're transporting the raw materials necessary for the production of poison gas. These materials are being trucked from the shipyard to the nearby railyard and then transported by train to a nearby refinery. We must destroy this refinery and stop the enemy from making their weapon of mass destruction.

<Intelligence>The R-80 will make one bombing run only and drop all it's weapons on the refinery and nearby facilities on the first pass. Due to heavy ground fire, there can be no second try. Get out as fast as you can.


Briefing for Mission 5


Our reputation precedes us. We've been asked to perform another special mission. The Squadron is transferring to Calais. There will be new aircraft and equipment there for our use. We leave at dawn.


Briefing for Mission 6


We've arrived in Calais to find spanking new Vipers and Camels to replace our old aging aircraft. An even bigger surprise is our new R-82 airship. With the capture of the first Zeppelin, our engineers were able to learn much about the enemys airship design and have built us the new R-82. We will be testing it here in Calais. Let's get a move on, there's two convoys moving up the Channel right now. We'll be taking both airships.

<Intelligence>Reports are coming in of enemy U-Boats attacking our convoys off the northern coast of France east of Calais. If you see these submarines use any ordinance you have left and attack them.


Briefing for Mission 7


Were going to attack two convoys again. This time the airships will fly a "in-line" formation. The R-82 will drop it's bombs first, targeting the lead ship (destroyer) in each group. If we can kill the convoy escorts the Shorts can have their way with the cargo ships.


Briefing for Mission 8


A Navy ship was sent to France to pickup one of our Spies and deliver him back to England. He is in possession of stolen documents that reveal future enemy shipping plans in this area. Last night that ship was sunk and this morning a few life rafts were spotted by one of our submarines. Our submarine has surfaced and is providing first aid to the survivors, but cannot pick them up due to space limiations onboard. There are no other friendly ships in the area. You are to fly out with the Short torpedo planes and rescue the survivors. The shorts have no armament. To make the rescue land within 100ft of the rafts and cut your engine. The survivors will climb onto the pontoons and you can then start engines and leave. SE5a Vipers will provide top cover.

<Intelligence>Watch out for enemy E-boats in this area. We suspect they are the ones who sank our ship last night.


Briefing for Mission 9


Looks like were going back to Koksijde. They're having more enemy convoy sightings in that area again. The airships and Camels departed earlier and are probably there by now. Ferry the Vipers and watch out for that pesky Gotha flight that's been seen doing recon of our airfields.


Briefing for Mission 10


The enemy continues to unload convoy after convoy at the shipyard northeast of Coolkerke. We can't destroy every ship they send, but me may be able to destroy the shipyard. The airships will not be used on this mission, they're too vulnerable to AA fire. Instead we're borrowing Bristol's from a nearby squadron to do the bombing. Our Camels will take rockets to help out and the Vipers will provide escort.


Briefing for Mission 11


We didn't completely destroy the shipyard so we're going to call on the Navy to do the job. Escort the Cruisers and Destroyers over to the enemy shipyard and protect them while they bombard the target.


Briefing for Mission 12


The enemy are building a new Power Station from blueprints their spies stole from us. We are going to bomb the power station before it becomes operational. We'll take the R-82 and leave tonight. In order to retain the element of surprise, we will not take any fighter escort. Instead I need volunteers to man the gun stations.


Briefing for Mission 13


We've destroyed the shipyard but the enemy has rebuilt the poison gas refinery and it's again in full production. We need to destroy it and all the stockpiles of gas stored there.

<Intelligence>The R-82 will make one bombing run only and drop all it's weapons on the refinery and nearby facilities on the first pass. Due to heavy ground fire, there can be no second try. Get out as fast as you can.


Briefing for Mission 14 (final)


Scramble! One of our convoys is being attacked. Hurry out and help in any way you can. The R-82 departed some time ago and is enroute as well. Here's our chance to show the Navy boys what we can do!

<Intelligence> A 7 day leave will be granted to all pilots who survived this campaign.

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