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Hat pan view reversal

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Hi guys, is there any way to reverse my joystick hat commands in WoE?

I use it for panning, but it's the opposite of my other flight sims such as FSX, ie left/right/up/down in FSX give me right/left/down/up in WoE if you see what I mean (reversed) and it'd be nice if I could make it the same for all all my sims.

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Did you set the hat switch controls in the /Controls menu?


btw, post -08 patch and SF2 for some reason will only give a 'snap to view' in those directions; before that, you could pan around (and still can with the mouse)


Main Screen/Options/Controls/Customize is how you get to it (covered in the game's manual -the pdf in the folder called /Manual)



kevin stein

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