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Hello everybody,


I joined this forum a little while ago, after getting hold of Wings over Israel. Being an avid fan of aircrafts I have been downloading acceptable aircrafts' variants (ok Soviet aircraft prominently) in chronological order. Of course I am also customizing (arranging) the entire content of the aircraft (configuration .ini files) in proper order to help myself in rapid reference and modification.


However I have seemingly come across a few errors illogical to me, if experienced modders amongst you could solve out the trouble:


I will cut to the chase straight forward; no bringing the cheese, baking the cake, happy dances etc.



1. IL-28 Beagle




When I start the game and select the aircraft, the starting year of choice is 1960. While in my IL-28_Data.ini file, [MissionData] holds the following information




















What I would like to achieve is the starting year for this bomber to be 1955 specifically, be available to atleast China & Soviet Airforce.

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Actually, IIRC, the first Beagles went into service around 1948-ish. You're seeing the 1955 as that's when the EAF recieved their first ones, just before the Suez Crisis.


If you're only using WoI, you're running into the 'self-limiting years' created by TK (as nothing obviously happened in and around Isreal from 1948 through 1967). Since it IS a 1st Gen game, you'll need to extract/edit a couple of files.


This is posted in just about EVERY sub-forum in the SF/Wo* Knowledge Base:




that should fix the problem!


EDIT: WoV and WoI are probably the worst of the series to base an 'all inclusive, all years' install around. They're designed to be exactly WHAT TK wanted ... focused on the action in SEA, when the US got heavily involved, and WoI for things from the 6 Day War and AFTER. Therefore, they should be more or less left as 'region specifci' installs, although WoI does need expanding to 1948 for the War of Inedpendence, Suez, 'Water Wars' (just before the 6DW), and then allowed to progress to Yom Kippur, 83, Lebannon, etc.. And even then, there's a lot of stuff missing, that fortunately, our 3rd Party Modders have filled in the blanks for the missing time frames.


For an 'all inclusvie, all years install', WoE is the best bet.



kevin stein

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I'm Startled, not expecting a reply this quick and from Wrench himself, you have my gratitude. I have downloaded only a handful of your aircraft, and find your work very dedicated and qualitative. Again, thank you very much Wrench

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Thank YOU! N/P brother, it's what we do!!




kevin stein

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