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Guest Raden

Black out due to G-Force

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Guest Raden

Hi all,


In most of my Flankers, even the old mid-size MiG-17s, I often sustained blackouts.


Yet, NOT in most of my MiG-21MFs. In it I use F-104G (orD?) Cockpit.


My questions are:


Other than that in Game Option, what other parameters in inis files control G-Force? Is it also in plane_data.ini, namely,[Flight Control]. I found it more comfortable to dog-fight in MiG=21MF than in Flankers in Cockpit mode.


BTW, I set (in Game Option) G-Force/BlackOut to NORMAL, and I know this applies to all of my birds in WOE. Yet, why the difference between the MiG-21MFand Flankers/MiG017s?


Thank u all for ur replies, and time to do it. Regard.:))



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At a guess the MiG-21 probably doesnt pull as many Gs as quickly as the more agile Su-27 and MiG-17 - thus you dont see the effect as often.



There was a universal setting in gen 1 games it was in aircraftobject.ini - goes in the "objects" folder - so you will need to try it out yourself.








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I was going to say that it probably has to do with the G onset rate, but MigBuster beat me to it! :cool:

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